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Free Advertising, Information Resources and Discussion about Male for Male ("Gay") Escorting

Gay is a not-for-profit online resource used to advertise male for male escort services within the UK, circulate information and encourage discussion within and about its industry. Originally (and still) used to advertise my own work, UKGE also recommends other advertisers - pooling their collective knowledge and sharing unfulfilled leads. UKGE includes articles, guides and alternative points of view that may sometimes belie the illusions and fantasies propagated by commercialised/pornified escort websites. UKGE provides a discussion forum for those seeking advice, wishing to post a fly-by advert or share knowledge about male for male escort work within the UK.

Although anybody can place an ad on UKGE, a select group of providers are listed as recommendations. Nobody is charged; I pay the overheads associated with use of the site from my own income, site donations and subscriptions to paysites. If, as a customer or escort/masseur, you find any of the information or resources useful, a donation would be welcomed on the basis that it is not a fee levied on the earnings of any provider.

UKGE's list of recommended providers reflects my belief that the sharing of information between trusted individuals is theoretically superior to paid advertising:

  • If more escort providers shared their knowledge and their unfulfilled customer leads, this would benefit both parties by cutting out the advertising industry. For example, profits from custom shared privately between two providers can be equalised via a finding fee arrangement (for example £20 per lead fulfilled).
  • Unfortunately, free online advertising resources are only made available with the proviso that advertising will be charged for if and when it becomes highly lucrative for the advertiser. The only aspect of UKGE that requires donation is guest profiling, which is not accompanied by repeat billing in exchange for "headline positioning".
  • Customers can look forward to a more rewarding transaction, safe in the knowledge that their attention has not been bought by the highest bidder.

Some of the images and points of view shared on UKGE may be "deemed offensive or otherwise harmful" to the psychological and moral development of children by various legal and moral authorities. By following any link on this site, you agree that you are fully responsible for how you react to these materials and declare that you are over the age of eighteen or the local age limit for viewing such material in your jurisdiction.

The content of this site should not be taken as implication that any provider is involved in sex-work (prostitution). I, or any other provider profiled on this site should be assumed paid upfront for time, regardless of anything else that was agreed to during the initial conversation.

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