Over the years, I have seen a good number of clients who require a completely different kind of scene, based entirely around some kind of bladder control or watersports fantasy.

A still larger number are dependent upon the golden shower or piss play at the end of the meeting as it helps them to orgasm.

I also get requests from piss pigs who like to drink piss as we play, as it gets them horny. Sometimes this is combined with substance use and poppers to either disinhibit or intensify the experience.

It can be for any reason, really – some like the sensation and intimacy, but many more are turned on by the forbidden nature of the acts, or use it as a crutch for degradation fantasies. Others seek to use bladder control as a kind of disciplinary device – which is probably the only area where I have ever gone so far as to be submissive.

I can arrange for all of these scenarios and others as requested, preparing and catering for them in a safe and hygeinic way.

Accommodation is fully equipped with a walk in shower and undersealed bed covers. For more advanced scenes, I suggest the use of sports sheets and absorbent wadding, and this kind of gear will be bought in advance of the meeting. For reasons of hygeine, it is also best to hire a hotel to carry out these more advanced scenarios, which may involve many consecutive hours of drinking and pissing combined with enemas or fisting. There are many popular and impersonal chains of budget hotel throughout the UK which would be suitable for this kind of request.

I have a few limitations, such as not carrying out submissive piss play roles. Generally, I am not turned on by the sensation and smell – so for example, if I have to fuck you, I will usually shower before doing this. If I am feeding, you will not be allowed to close your lips around me or put any kind of pressure on my urethra, and this risks leading to a urethral rupture.

I am capable of pissing while fully erect, and holding up to 1.4l of urine in my bladder.