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Located either side of London’s famous Heathrow Airport, the humble dormitory towns of Uxbridge and Hounslow present a high demand for male escort services. Adjacent to the many hotels and attached leisure suites, casinos, retail facilities in the Heathrow periphery, the two towns are well connected for public transport. Based near the area, I offer services for a nominal surcharge if asked to travel to Uxbridge or Hounslow – these rates also apply to the many couples who use my services in the area, as well as single males.

Please note, this article was only designed to perform well in search, and I have compiled all the relevant information at services, rates and pics for example. With over 10 years experience (over 100 customer testimonies), I can be relied upon for long-term arrangements, and I am adaptible to your requests, whatever they may be. I also have access to own transport, allowing me to offer the following in/out rates at any time of day in the Uxbridge and Hounslow areas, and nearby suburbs:

  • £150/160 – 1 hour
  • Add £50/60 per hour to the above

if you are seeking a second opinion, please do browse through my reviews. I do not bribe feedback out of customers, like certain known providers, or fabricate it entirely like some of the less savoury itinerant male masseurs of temporary residency – who are probably unavailable to travel as far as Uxbridge anyway.

Unfortunately, when you look at local advertising sites, such as Vivastreet, UK Adult Zone, etc, the quality and spread of ads is very poor. Why would a full time male escort base himself in such a place, with a considerably lower population density than central areas? You may have to drive to some of these providers’ locations to pick them up, as few can accommodate and almost none have own transport. London is also famous for its drug problems, especially in the “sex industry”, so much so that it is highly unlikely that if you paid for two London escorts’ transport, two would come as far as Uxbridge or Hounslow – fraud is widespread in the escort industry and of course goes completely unpunished by the authorities as it is not a violent crime. As an experienced escort, I will always arrive on time, charging a flat rate with no one-offs for taxis or extras for drugs or other lifestyle choices. Since I have my own vehicle, I can choose from the most appropriate forms of travel, and don’t engage in some of the practices of other escorts (upcharging, etc). The rate I quote over the phone is the only rate you will pay.

Uxbridge Station – (1938), Kemp

Still interested in using my service in Uxbridge or Hounslow? I’d love for you to make contact. On the other hand, if you are a provider like me, even a client seeking services, do post your ad below, with contact details, rates, and what you seek or offer. Please note that links may have to be vetted, resulting in a delay.