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Recent updates

I’m going back to the blog format on wordpress.

What this means, is the first thing you will see when visiting is my most recent post (after this one, which will be stickied, with any travel dates on display). The core content for new customers is easily accessible through the nav menu above.

I’m doing this because my users have fallen by 80%, leaving me with little choice but to modify the content significantly. Also going, is around 3/4 of the landing pages, and the remaining ones will be quickly modified to remove any repetitive blocks of text.

Feb 19′ – Lymphoma

I’m about to begin my recovery from lymphoma treatment, so as the nervous, dietary and other physical effects of chemo fade, I will be slowly returning to a full work schedule. I’ve been very quiet for the last few months – but cancer free since December, and working unhindered.

Feb 19′ – Move (within London)

At the end of March, I move (to my own place) – within London.

I’ll be looking for somewhere central – a 1/2 bed flat with secure parking and CCTV.

I’m open to serious offers – is anyone in need of a five figure sum for property renovation? I always pay 6 months upfront – and without an offer, it will be to the agent.

Beyond the first six months – it all depends on the economy. A mild recession and rolling bear in equities will mean reduced volatility and reduced returns in my investments, combined with a sellers’ market in massage services. In such an event, I will definitely remain in Central London, if in good health. A full blown financial crisis may finally give me (at least forward projected) returns good enough to move outside of the city, if I so choose.

2019 – Travel

A few things that may impact my travel this year:

  • Family home finally moves from the North in 2019.
  • Visit to the North will be limited – maybe to 2 days once earlier in the year, 5 days once later in the year. I still have good reasons to visit, and my health has improved, so who knows.
  • I’ll have a new area to visit family after we move – which I may combine with work. The area is as yet unknown, but may be towards Western England or Wales.
  • I may spend some time in Scotland (Perthshire), but this will be very limited – unfortunately, I won’t be covering the cities for any prolonged period.

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