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Generic reply when you want to keep texting me

If you have never seen me and would like to use my service, please don’t keep on texting me, as I simply do not have the time or energy to pursue multiple leads in this way. This article by no means applies wholly to every person I have directed to it, however, points contained therein may be informative to most.

Since escorting is my only form of income, I absolutely rely on knowing that every arrangement is made with a real person, and therefore insist on a phone call or failing that, conversation by email followed by payment of a security.

I would appreciate if you could come to your decision, or contact me by email after thinking over what you would like to ask, instead of wasting 20+ SMS over an hour to do the same thing. Time-efficiency sends the right signals about class of customer and emotional maturity, so you are already on a good track.

“I am too nervous to call you and it is my first time so please “help me out” here…”

I am told numerous times every day, by many different strangers, that I should help them out by accommodating their uncertainty. Apparently it is logical for me to continue a text conversation with a person who is “too nervous” to pass the psychological hurdle of talking to me remotely by phone. Implicit in this challenge is the assumption that my written words will “doubtless” put them at such ease that facing me in real life suddenly becomes simple by comparison…

This doesn’t make sense to me, and strikes me as appeasing a person’s internal conflicts.

Apart from a caseload of around 200+ communications per day, I have concerns such as advertising, preparation, driving to/meeting customers and a private life. Entertaining customers’ indecision, let alone fantasies, is not a pleasure, skill or a responsibility of mine. Professional male sex work (done properly) is a hard enough way to generate an income, and many customers assume that this further burden of time wasting simply goes with the territory. With sex-work, there is so much in the way of uncertainty and mental pathology/neuroses that your average self-employed tradesperson would never have to deal with, despite what are essentially similar business arrangements.

This site is here to help you make your mind up without inconveniencing me. I do not wish to write an individually tailored response to endless questions because you “might” be interested in using my services along with the 200 or so SMS, email, etc I receive per day whilst trying to juggle real life meets, advertising and 100 miles per day average driving.

“What will you do with me?” (the first mistake you are always going to make is assuming your situation is unique in some critical way – to me, which in 99% of such cases, it isn’t)

Please do not ask me what I “can or will do. I don’t even know you, or what you want. So you have told me that you have never done this, have time away from your partner and just want to try it for the first time? You have essentially told me what I already know about every prospective who is addicted to texting. It is convenient self-delusion to go along believing in the idea that I could cast any further light on how I might respond to your situation. Your situation really isn’t that special, and if you actually compared it to what some of my more confident customers ask me to do, I really doubt you would want it to be. A skilled and confident provider will respond to your request with minimal negotiation and speculation, making most of his or her critical decisions intuitively upon meeting you. If you are emotionally mature (I hope this is the case), you needn’t have any absolute expectations about a first time meeting. Things will fall into place with the right provider, and you might even return – although that should be the last of your concerns right now.

So why do I have nothing more to explain in relation to you as an individual? You know from reading this site that I can and will do pretty much everything you could possibly imagine, confidently (without using drugs) and have a very high level of sexual performance. The limiting factor is your request as a customer – your limits are very important, as I have none left unstated and need to keep my imagination in check with a large majority of my customers. Asking repeated questions about what I “can or will do” is just a distraction from your indecision and conveniently delays the zero outcome I have come to expect. I meet and play in real life – that and an ability to adapt to your needs is my skill. I am ready for this and have nothing to prove or outline by way of further written application, so call me now, name your time and make your request.

So you will not call? Fine. Most of my meets are now arranged on the basis of a security! With a simple online transaction, you solve the problem you are posing me, and I consider this to be final confirmation of a meeting, even though it does not always pan out that way. Why? Because I know that you have already been a customer of my business, and respect the integrity of any reservation I deem to be genuine.

“I have a genuine reason not to call you, that is not due to uncertainty or lack of confidence…”

Very unlikely I would have directed you to this article, as I am aware that this happens. For example, work colleagues may be present, or you may be unable to talk on a train or in an office where mobile networks are blocked, but data is available.

In this case, we just wait for a convenient time to call after minimal fuss, or confirm by transferring part of my fee when it becomes clear, after minimal communication, that the meeting has been given the green light. I will have a good idea that your approach is genuine, as you will not be asking all the usual questions expressing a lack of direction and projecting responsibility for controlling and explaining every single event unto myself!

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