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Southend, Essex Gay Escorting and Massage

Located just a short train journey away, I am more than willing to visit Southend for out calls. As a full time male masseur and escort for both couples and single gay/bi males, my unusual level of experience (10 years, 100+ reviews) makes the travel and outlay worthwhile for most in this undersupplied area. I do not accommodate in Southend, however, I do have access to places in London and Cambridgeshire. As a driver, I am able to visit your location during times when this is the more realistic option, and will be available regardless of time at the following standard rates:

  • £200 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above
  • £300 – Overnight
  • Late night out calls where no late trains (including return) are available, are subject to further charges due to poor travel estimates – typically +£50.


My reviews are likely to be highly instructive for those seeking a second opinion. Or you could browse my service, pics and rates. I do prefer mature customers – mainly ex-professional males who are as able to stick to regular, long-distance arrangements as I am. A non-impulsive mindset, coupled with the minimum of fuss in making arrangements helps us enjoy the “less formal” aspects of our meeting.

You might appreciate that many urban male escorts suffer from drug issues that make dealing with them a nightmare! These are not the kind of people you want to be paying large sums of money to travel outside of their home area where they might become aggressive with no access to their substances. I have heard a few horror stories myself, most of which I do not doubt in the least!

Whilst Southend and Essex is not my home area, I am not short of work here; indeed, more discerning customers are familiar with the concept of distance hiring and its benefits. The reason I get so much demand in this area seems to be the very low supply of competition and the poor quality, consisting mainly of non-escorts (masseurs) and informal workers who may as well be extortion artists or hardcore drug abusers for all you know. Few can travel (a basic grasp of public transport systems escapes many male sex workers) and even less can accommodate (most are in shared accommodation, having never paid a bill in their lives!). As well as being professional in the more basic aspects (punctuality), I also charge exactly the rate I advertise, without pleading for emergency taxi fares and drug money that suddenly appeared out of nowhere “because because”! Would you even trust most London Escorts to arrive in Southend if you paid them a deposit? I wouldn’t.

Traditional amusement arcade in Southend (William).

Still interested in using my service in Southend? I’d love for you to make contact. On the other hand, if you are a provider like me, even a client seeking services, do post your ad below, with contact details, rates, and what you seek or offer. Please note that links may have to be vetted, resulting in a delay.