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Available out calls to Windsor, Slough and Maidenhead, I offer a gay/bi active male escort service with remarkably quick response times for this area (under 2 hours). Of British extract, I am able to drive to Slough/Maidenhead, or accommodate in a more central area. Berkshire is an area where there is a relatively high demand for escort services, with little supply – so I often find myself in the area with work.

I also notice that other escorts from London are seemingly unwilling to travel to these areas – this is either because like most of the foreign escorts, they will stick for work in a more central location, or in the case of the informals, they lack professional values. Obviously, with hiring an informal, there are other knock on issues described in this article – the experience has been described as highly guilt-inducing, as essentially many of them are not psychologically advanced beyond teenagers with drug issues.

If the idea of using my services in and around Berkshire is of interest to you, please do browse my rates, pics and services. See my fixed rates for this area below:

  • £200 – 1 hour meeting, inc. travel
  • A further £50 per extra hour
  • £120 surcharge for extra travel and rental in OX3 (only 1 and 2 hour appointments)

Escort Rates
It may also interest you to look through my history and reviews, for further re-assurance.

Massage in Berkshire

Sadly, when you type “gay escorts berkshire” into Google and see what comes up, the scene on offer is very poor and sometimes concerning. This is somewhat self-fulfilling, as despite its affluence, very few professional escorts would base themselves in Slough or wider Berkshire, as public transport and population density favour Central London. The problems I hear about with local informals in places like Berkshire, are generally related to logistics – for example, young stiudent escorts don’t have their own transport, and can’t accommodate. It ends up like paying to cater for a child – and is ethically concerning on quite a few different levels, given that absolute necessity is the final factor.

London, on the other hand is not much better, with many of the male escorts now hooked on drugs, and acting like zombies mindlessly chasing after their next fix. Many of them don’t even leave their apartments after extra-urban clients pay the travel deposit – or if so, only for the cash point, then on to their dealers. I make a point of not pleading for “lifestyle extras” like other escorts, and always arrive in good time. I have own transport, insured with a clean driving license, so have a variety of choices if the roads or rail are not working. I practise a fixed rate, with no awkward bartering of upcharging – allowing for an informal and pleasurable meeting in person.

Looking to confirm an appointment in Maidenhead or Slough? The next stage is to contact me.

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