London in (or out):

  • £100 massage (in only). Professional-quality massage with hidden bed bolster used for support (in call). Customer-passive. Extras – at discretion.
  • £150 1 hour (£160) full service.
  • A £50 (£60) per extra hour surcharge.
  • Non-divisible – 20 or 30 minute appointments (in call) may be available on request, but these will attract a time-rate taper to cover for preparation, which is the same re. myself and my accommodation as it is for any longer appointment.
  • £60 add hour out call surcharge can be reduced to £50 if return journey off-peak.

Other areas:

[I am paid an electronic deposit of £65-200 by all new customers and then the balance in cash upfront on meeting (or on account at my discretion). I charge for my time only]
  • £200 is my total take starting point for hour-long out calls 1 hour from home.
  • Then an extra £100 is added per hour of outward travel, and an extra £50 per hour of our time spent together (in essence, a flat surcharge of £50/h on my time, any further travel cost included).
  • Unsure how this will pan out for you? Take a look at some examples.

Gold Half Sovereign and Gold Tariff:

Introduced in anticipation of a 2019-2021 recession. Available for regular customers. Buy these gold coins that are worth under £125 at the time of writing! I will accept one as payment for an hour (London), at any point in the future, regardless of the gold price. For other areas, surcharge can be paid in cash, gold, or I can retain gold as credit at a discounted rate. My current time tariff to weight in gold is 1 hour per 4g of gold and 2 hours per 6g of gold, if paid for as credit with at least 8g of gold in 22/24ct bullion (receipt provided).

Customer pledge and Security

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