London in calls and out calls:

[New distance call customers, please be able to prove that you are genuine. I charge for my time only and payment on arrival]

  • £100 massage (in call only). Professional-quality massage with hidden bed bolster used for support (in call). Customer-passive. Extras – at discretion.
  • £150 1 hour full service.
  • A £50 per hour surcharge.
  • Or… £250 overnight (max 4h “full use of my time” inside a span of 12-15h, I do not accommodate for overnights).
  • Or… £800 all night (“full use of my time” for any purpose from evening to sunrise – part of the fee is for inversion of sleeping pattern and part payment is required to confirm. The perfect option for those who are geared up to last the night).

Travel to other cities:

[I am paid an electronic deposit of £75-200 by all customers and then the balance in cash upfront on meeting (or on account at my discretion). I charge for my time only]

  • £200 (deposit 75 + 125 cash) – 1 hour in cities 1 hour away, followed by a £50 per hour surcharge

Above generally applicable to Brighton, Reading, Southend, Guildford, Gatwick, MK, Luton and Stevenage.

  • £300 (deposit 150 + 150 cash) – 1 hour in cities 2 hours away, followed by a £50 per hour surcharge.

Above generally applicable to Bournemouth, Manchester, Oxford, Birmingham, East Anglia.

  • £400 (deposit 200 + 200 cash) – 1 hour in cities 3 hours away, followed by a £50 per hour surcharge.

Above generally applicable to Manchester Suburbs, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol, Cardiff.

Cornish Peninsula, Channel Islands, IOM, W Wales, Scotland, France/Benelux etc are surcharged according to further negotiation.

  • TO ANY OF THE ABOVE, instead of extra hours, add £100 – to stay for a night/morning (max 4h within a span of 12-15h) if we are both comfortable with this.

Pay with a Gold Coin and receive 15% ENDORSEMENT:

Available for regular customers. Buy & deliver a CGT free 1oz Gold coin, and immediately receive credit on my services at the spot price of Gold + 15%.

I am able to provide my legal name and a scan of my UK passport to genuine enquirers for fraud protection purposes if you so wish.

I agree not to:

  1. Monetize friendly time such as dining or rest/relaxation. For example, dinner will not be counted as part of the up to 4 hours “full use of my time”, covered by an overnight of £250-500+. If we go to dinner after an hour’s meeting, it will be on a friendly basis; I will not monetize my time.
  2. Charge you more for certain activities rather than time (prostitution/upcharging/”adultwork style” price list).
  3. Discriminate against customers because of gender, race, ability, etc, by altering my hourly rate.
  4. Release or share personal or contact details of customers who engage civilly with me and abide by my advertised rates.