The basic:

You will make clear what you require, but in general – 9 in 10 male escorts offer their services as a “masseur or full service top” and for “casual companionship” – which may translate to any kind of leisure activity desired. Others offer services such as fetishism (I do to varying extents) and professional domination, although I do not fall into the latter category.

Is is pointless and counter-productive to pre-analyse a meeting, as it will flow naturally from a mutual understanding. For example, if you are meeting me for just 1 hour at my place for massage services, and describe yourself as passive, I’m going to know in what direction to move – and won’t initiate anything surplus or unusual, unless requested.

The financial aspect (rates), is simple to understand as it is the one non-negotiable aspect of escort services!

I’m a frequently and positively reviewed “male for male” provider who is also bi/versatile. This allows me to have plenty of fun with couples of any gender combination.


I connect well with customers whose needs are basic – firmly within the massage/bfe bracket unless otherwise negotiated (i.e. FF/WS/HS).

I prefer to see a small number of customers for 1-3 hour periods at private locations such as my own apartment or local hotels, and I confirm all of my arrangements with a phone call or securing deposit if this is not possible. Clear communication and a quality over quantity approach are values I project and appreciate.

On my side, I do not agree to requests that I am incapable of fulfilling, meaning that you get best use of our time.

As well as being versatile and approachable, I am unusually reliable, and can be trusted with long-distance and regular arrangements such as travel deposit – with zero dispute record and all documentation provided on request.

I am able to work with customers who have basic needs (step wise experimentation) or require a more advanced bfe. I can give honest and straightforward guidance and advice on the technical aspects of pleasure giving, but will only do this if requested. Heaven forbid, I would never associate myself with anything as vapid and painfully “Channel-4” as being a glib-lib “sex coach”!

I have years of experience working with customers with hawk-eye spouses, public profiles (or connections to high-sensitivity public organisations), disabilities, weight problems and over the pensionable age.


While I am very capable of playing to abstract fantasies, the more friendly of my client-provider relationships are underpinned by a sense of simplicity and realism. I have plenty of experience catering for the less confident, however, crippling insecurity and emotional neediness are traits that will give me justifiable cause for taking a more distant approach, or to outright reject a lead. There is a line between attention to specific, defined needs and pandering to a person’s altered reality.

So in this spirit…

It is important that if you have any requirements that are out of the ordinary, you can describe these fluently during the first phone conversation. I am likely to disregard leads that are “furtive” or “fragmented” in such a way as to betray a general lack of reliability, aggressively problematizing (defensive) mindset, or inability/unwillingness to elaborate a particular set of expectations that I can not reasonably be expected to have prior knowledge of. While I’m adaptable, the onus to communicate is on you.

Further detail?

While I consider a pleasant and respectful exterior to be basic criteria for a customer, I actually favour an approach that gives zero weight to my own preferences. To be brutally honest, I’m providing a service, and you are paying to get exactly what you want, and in this sense a directly communicated request is far more likely to lead to a mutual experience than just leaving me in the dark.

An unusual request, unlike the price, is negotiated and evolves from an understanding, so there is no need to get bogged down before contacting me…

HOWEVER: If you still want small details like what I carry to appointments, my own preferences and limitations – please see here.