I generally see non-kinky/non-sleazy customers for massage or horny fun… with some exceptions in the sleaze department! See below. See my rates for more information.

In around 10 years, I have become the UK’s most frequently reviewed escorts (male by males) as well as one of the most skilled and versatile, even expanding my orientation from gay to bisexual as a result of experimentation.

Unlike other escorts, I prefer to see a small number of customers for 1-3 hour periods at private locations. You will not find me pushing ads in venues such as Craigslist/Adultwork – I provide a high quality time-rated professional service, confirming all my arrangements with a phone call or securing deposit.

Your use of my time could be for any purpose, be it experimentation or bfe at the 1-hour/£150 entry level, or active/passive services for the more experienced. Whilst I do not have a long list of personal interests, I do take my pleasure in performing, so please do not ask what I am into! I perform well with partners I can communicate and establish a personal rapport with (for the first meeting, you will be drug-free). It is important that you can describe your needs fluently during the first phone conversation; a furtive and fragmented approach will result in an instant block. Unlike some escorts, I do not agree to requests that I am incapable of fulfilling, meaning that you get best use of the time you pay for.

As well as being versatile, I am unusually reliable/professional, and can be trusted with long-distance and regular arrangements including taking payment upfront for travel expenses. I have a zero dispute record over such payments in my 10 years of working, and will provide a scan of my ‘port/DL to new customers if requested.

In technical terms, you pay me a set rate for my time only, and then what takes place is mutually consented. Requests are discussed fully and confidentially before the meeting takes place.

I am able to work with customers who have basic needs (step wise experimentation) or require a more advanced bfe. I can give honest and straightforward guidance and advice on the technical aspects of pleasure giving, but will only do this if requested – I would never associate myself with anything as vapid, essentialist, and painfully Channel-4 as being a “sex” coach!

I have years of experience working with customers with hawk-eye spouses, public profiles, disabilities, weight problems and over the pensionable age.

I have plenty of experience discussing and catering for less confident customers. Nothing fazes me!

Standard (a) and Nonstandard (b) carry for out calls:

a) I carry to every appointment, a satchel bag with my personal toiletries/drinks and also kit inside. This will include condoms, lubricant, cock rings, gloves, enema bulb, wet wipes/hygeinic bags, poppers and ED pills. For tradeable quantities, including SEALED poppers, a request is appropriate.

b) Upon request, I have a massive collection of underwear and sportswear, which I can take in a holdall. If carrying long distances, I will put the items that suit your requirements in a selection bag. This third bag may if requested, also contain some toys – an 8″ dildo, beads, glass butt plug, nipple clamps, leather strap, ropes, lube applicator, further cock rings and blindfolds if you wish to make use of them. A request for fisting may (as well as purchases) require further additions from my cupboard – including fisting lube. Special requests for any particular item can be fulfilled with a deposit and notice (I have a discount at a local sex shop) – please appreciate that I do not trade on the basis of having a massive collection of parephernalia.

Standard 101 sexual preferences:

Please note, these are my own preferences and not services charged for. Technically, I charge for my time and engage in these at my discretion.

  • Bisexual/curious or gay males. Females
  • Top/occasional bottom/V
  • Experimentation
  • Top in multiple positions (this assumes a level of personal hygiene, i.e. douching)
  • Flip-fuck (both will prepare as above)
  • Oral w/o (give-receive, both sexes), cum-eating
  • Kissing/deep kissing
  • Massage (therapy, deep-tissue, unqualified)
  • Massage (prostate and a-play/object penetration)
  • Rim passive, otherwise discretion
  • Masturbation/Mutual/Frot
  • Three-Way (MMM, MMF, MFM, MF-M-watching/cuck, etc)
  • Three-Way (plus escort/s, only with customers I know, or paying full deposit on his services)
  • I do NOT see customers on synthetic drugs/chems if I have not seen them sober… and that’s where my all-night fee comes in – with a meeting for dinner, etc before the fun begins. I will use stimulants all night (caffeine and taurine), and you can use whatever you want!
  • I do carry my own aromas and ED drugs which you may abuse at your own risk
  • I find marijuana use acceptable for a first meeting if proposed upfront
  • I do see customers who smoke, including weed/420
  • I am OK with filming or photos of action/pov
  • Guidance-Instruction-Advice can be given if desired
  • Companionship and driver services are offered to previously known customers

Fetishism/kink compatibility:

Please note, these are my own boundaries and not services charged for. Technically, I charge for my time and engage in these at my discretion.

  • I NO LONGER engage in BDSM
  • I MAY ENGAGE IN “off-scene” physical domination/torture, CP – spanking/caning/beating (active) without verbal
  • Scat (active) can often be fed to pigs at the very end of appointments. Otherwise, any request for scat top is fully discussed upfront
  • Piss play is described fully on its own page
  • Electro play (you will provide kit)
  • I NO LONGER engage in spitting/gob
  • I am expert in fisting a customer to the elbow or beyond – always hygienically prepared for. Gloves/fisting lube available
  • Toys – sometimes supplied
  • Saunas/Bathhouses, entry & payment for time provided first, offsite. I MAY offer discount on my time.
  • Car fun/outdoors is NON ANAL activity ONLY. You must provide DEPOSIT, meeting place and you are on the clock when we meet.
  • Hair removal (depilation, shaving, non-professional)
  • Underwear, sports-kit or basic CD fetishism
  • I DO NOT give anal without a condom, but can advise, see barebacking for these services!