I now take donations for myself and trusted 3rd parties to use the services of other escorts and share a detailed review with the donors.

Once the fund reaches a reasonable amount for an escort in-call, I will pose myself as a customer (given my unfamiliarity with London and the size of the scene, this is plausible), or pay the amount to one of my trusted customers in exchange for a review.

Incomplete donations – £10-50+, I will count towards the fund and choose the advertiser myself. You will receive the feedback on the next chosen advertiser, along with all the other donors.

Complete donations – £150 in most instances, I will require an extra £50 if it is your choice of advertiser. The feedback on the advertiser in this instance can be shared exclusively with yourself.

Current fund value – £100 (including £100 of my own credit to establish a base amount)

Current advertisers profiled in reviews – 11 (3 in 2017).

Backlog donation – £40 – for all previous non-exclusive reviews (there are enough, and growing, that you may as well buy this now… don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any unpublished reviews to this date). The money goes towards the next chosen advertiser (add a further £10 minimum to obtain review).