I am happy to share a detailed and private review with donors who pay a fee for me to compile detailed feedback on another provider.

The amount is £50 upfront to pose as a customer, then the escort’s fee plus a negotiated fee of a further £50-100 for my own time, once a meeting has been agreed upon. Totals could thus be £250-350 for a provider in London.

If the initial contact is unsuccessful (I have two private numbers/emails to confirm in the case that a provider is non-responsive), I will tell you how and why.

If the meeting does go ahead, I will provide a detailed report to your own specifications. Otherwise, a refund on any post-appointment fees.

As I have been paid to provide reports on a number of providers, there is a fee of £50 to provide the report again if already compiled for another customer.

This service has been useful to some customers who would rather have detailed information about a provider before contacting them, inviting them into their home, or other reasons – such public profile, or potential reputational issues such as being associated with high-sensitivity public organisations.