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Click for detail. Below are some “xxx and fetish” pics. You can find videos on pages such as my rentmen (they can take the bandwidth). Feel free to comment below.

Exact phys: 6ft1, 37c, 31w, 11st, shoe size 8-9. Caucasian (English), red/brown hair. Size: ~8in/20cm by ~5 1/2in/14cm uncut.



  1. Eric Monk 19th August 2015

    On you FET pix side 20, 22 and 24 ends the long, long on going discussion about shaving or not shaving…hmm…those 3 are just amazing !!! Natural beauty unshaved and so sexy…not to be surpassed. And eyes to die for. What a turn on – whish I was in Manchester right now. Eric

  2. David 21st August 2015

    Spot on Eric. Natural beauty indeed and you’re right too about unshaved being so sexy. Can’t wait until I see him again

  3. Anonymous 22nd September 2015

    What a gorgeous man, and wonderful cock mmm.

  4. Charlie 27th July 2016

    I can’t wait till Daniel is back in Glasgow; my turn.. 🙂

  5. Mark 6th August 2016

    Hi would like to meet up so I can suck your cock and drink you dry??

  6. Barry 26th August 2016

    Is there anyone free in warrington can accommodate

  7. rick 30th September 2016

    are u available now I only have one night alone to full fill my desire/fantasy.

  8. admin 1st October 2016 — Post author

    This type of short notice reply is not adequate, please call me next time.

  9. Eugene 17th April 2017

    You are gorgeous loves your toes wanna suck each one of them and the hair is superb too

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