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London Gay/Bi Male Escort


Click for detail. Most of these pics are accurate and recent* Minor details such as facial/body hair may vary, and I am likely if anything to be larger and more toned than in previous photographs. This page displays only “mild” nudity. Above 18 may also view XXX pics. 12 or more pics can be sent to your phone by whatsapp for £5 and SMS for £10. Feel free to comment below.

* Exact phys: 6ft1, 37c, 31w, 11st, shoe size 8-9. Caucasian (English), red/brown hair. Size: ~8in/20cm by ~5 1/2in/14cm uncut.


  1. admin 1st October 2016 — Post author

    This type of short notice reply is not adequate, please call me next time.

  2. Damiem Durwent 14th October 2016

    Hey what a sexy handsome guy x damo

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