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paddington massages

Located just a few minutes away in Holland Park, I am available for bisexual male escort and massage services in Paddington and Bayswater. As you may already know, there is high demand for male escorts and masseurs in West London, whether it be single males, or couples into couple massages or watching. While out calls are my standard offer, I am also available for exactly the same rates at my house in Holland Park.

As this is only an entry page, it may help you, to go over some of the core pages of my site – services, rates and pics. With 10 years experience, and over 100 customer testimonies, I can be relied upon for long-term arrangements, and I am versatile to your request. With own transport for late out calls and London’s vast 24h public transport network, I am available in Paddington and Bayswater for the following rates (in/out):

  • £/160- 1 hour
  • Add £50/60 per hour to the above rate

Unsure, or just seeking reassurance? You might be interested in my reviews. I do not ask that customers submit reviews, or induce them to do so.

The level of demand for gay and bisexual male escorts and masseurs in Paddington and West London is of course significant, and could come from tourists in Bayswater or even business travelers staying in Paddington Hotels. However, the same can not be said for the supply, which although plentiful, lacks professionalism. When talking to customers, I hear horror stories of drug dives and dirt-infested shared accommodation that contrasts “mysteriously” with the blanket positive reviews you will find published on popular escort directories, for what are often struggling models and personal trainers doing a job they hate “on the side”. Of course, these customers can’t do with the fall out from reporting their concerns. Unlike any number of UK male escorts, I do not arrive an hour late, unwashed, looking nothing like my photos, only to aggressively plead for previously undeclared drug and transport perks! This allows us to enjoy the less formal aspects of the meeting, and it will always run smoothly.

Queensway (D. Case)

Do feel welcome to contact me, or even better, call. We can discuss a potential meeting, whether it is in the future or even on the same day (you should have at least committed to meet me at some point before calling). Text is not advised due to the sheer breadth of my advertising – waiting for an appropriate time to talk is indicative of a professional mindset, and helps put both of us at ease.

I am also happy for customers and escorts to post messages below, even if they wish to advertise themselves to others. Recent contact details and basic info/rates are essential. Please mention your offer, or what you are seeking. I do allow links, but please be advised, it may take some time for me to publish them.