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£200 for Overnight

Written in 2015 when I worked in Manchester. Overnight rate has since changed

Around a year ago, I changed my overnight rate to reflect the average amount of “work” I put into an overnight meeting (up to 3 hours – £200). Say that I am asked to arrive at 7pm, leave late morning and “work” for a total of 4 hours instead of the standard 3, I would simply bump my rate up to £250 before travel expenses.

Since my new rate is around half the industry average, I was asked questions about it, and accused of undercutting! Manchester Lads had to override their presets for a £200 overnight!

In my opinion, I am simply costing my services correctly and making a break with an industry norm that in and of itself, looks anomalous. For example, a number of male escorts charging £500+ for an overnight, are willing to advertise half hour rates of £50! Escorting does not work like a council parking meter – each individual arrangement demands one-off investments in time, money and effort. This is something the taper in most professional escort rates already implies – albeit in a sometimes limited fashion.

gay escort overnight rates

Overnight rates can only be as high as they are due to a lack of professional competition in this space, and a lack of willingness to co-operate with customer requests. The assumption is that you are charging your customer for a full period of ten hours or more, but offering your time at a discount (£500 is “excellent value” if 2 hours is £200). The reality is that with the majority of customers, you are not actually “working” for most of that time. So instead, I looked at the actual value of the 7pm-Noon slot of any given two days in my weekly planner, and decided that 3 hours “work” is reasonable minimum compensation for this period, and also happens to be a high mark for a good 80-90% of overnight customers. If they really are hornier than 90% of my customers and want to play for longer, they can pay the fee. That I choose what time I charge for, does not necessarily determine that I am charging for any given activity.

Since reducing my quoted overnight rate to £200, I have seen a significant increase in these types of arrangement. Clearly, waking up in a hotel or in somebody else’s bed after a night of torture by flatulence and restless leg syndrome (as sometimes does transpire), is not for everybody. Making this a part of your lifestyle is obviously a concession to increased/assured income, and presents a challenge to personal relationships. To take on this kind of work requires a full-time dedication comparable to any other touring entertainer. I made the decision to stop advertising a day rate of £250 earlier this year, as I felt that it did not fit well with my lifestyle. This was in spite of very high uptake and demand – sometimes offers exceeding my own.

I generally don’t listen to criticisms that center on selling myself cheap, and undercutting other providers. I, myself dislike the idea of taking less than £100 for any transaction, and charge a much higher than average fee per customer, despite my reasonable per hour rates (compared to other self-styled “professionals”). From a customer’s point of view, it should not be a coin-operated service that can be quantitatively measured, but an experience. If that experience is of a certain quality, you should be prepared to pay a minimum price for it, regardless of what you are officially being invoiced for (in my case, time).

Advertised rates are a statement of expediency on the part of an individual provider. If the merits of providers within the escort industry were discussed openly, publicly and subject to scrutiny, I’m sure far more (although not many) would be able to charge in excess of £700 per transaction and £1000 per day. Presently, the market is over-supplied (in urban areas) and under-qualified. This results in dog-eat-dog pricing at the lower end, combined with occasional attempts at extortionate practices.

While there is no uniformity in professionalism and levels of competition, it is no surprise that services are not being costed in a reasonable and rational way.

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