For a small fee, I will always be willing to recommend/advise on other advertisers privately (see further down the page).

I even wrote some articles to advise escorts and potential customers, and may continue to write when I have the time. See the relevant sections in Customer Guide and Escort Guide categories.

Commercial Consultancy

I can not keep a perfectly up to date list below, and prefer to recommend some gay escorts privately – or to provide other information (not always positive), that I would rather keep private. My consultation fee is £50 for two simple searches, for which I will return a number of potential contacts from some basic criteria and a number of advertising media. You can of course use your second search months later.

Another scenario is talking on the phone while you browse a popular advertising site for Male Escorts (£50/hour). In some cases, I may have useful information on up to 50% of the advertisers. I do not consult by text or email due to the confidential, off the record nature of the information, which is often gleaned from my own private dealings or disclosed to me by trusted third parties.

Personal recommendations

Below are some present visible, regular advertisers (usually North West unless mentioned) I have met/worked with or have recommended to customers. I describe most duo partners in their own section:

  • Jason Moon (+Dom) – London – 07957494087 – Find him and his duo partners on And
  • BradfordLad – 07553304169 – Find him as i-fuck-deep on gaydar and sometimes on Manchester Lads.
  • Mark Large – 07807254599 – Occasional advertiser who can easily be googled.
  • Allan Knight – 07568394457 – Find him on Manchester Lads.
  • Alex Ryan – 07738035494 – Find him on Manchester Lads.
  • Ben Manchester – 07833703706 – Find him on his personal site.
  • Kristian Hawke (+BDSM/Dom) – 07960958608 – Find him on
  • Alex-HotLegs – 07514006856 – Find him on Manchester Lads.
  • Boyd Boss (+Dom) – 07502118010 – Find him on own site.

Below are some websites of male escorts I would be willing to work with in the future:

  • Simon Craig – Leeds/Yorks – (F2M Trans) – 07766446627 – Find him on HotF2M.
  • Sleazy Michael – London – 07903567922 – Daddy’s Reviews. profile.
  • Aussie Masseur – London – 07521577026 – Find him on
  • Craig – Hampshire – 07973728005 – Active on
  • Duncan – Bristol – 07872056730 – find him/partner as escorthunk5 on Gaydar.