I am mentioned on escorts’ sites such as Ben’s Manchester Lads Links and Jason Moon, and also post recommendations for some escorts I have worked with myself.

Having worked since 2008, I have received a number of escort reviews – over 100 to date, all on external sites. Nearly all of these were written by individual customers (no repeats), around half of them were personally solicited – which is normal, but something I decided to stop doing from 2016 (see why at the bottom of the page).

If you wish to take a look at my escort reviews, you can do this at Manchester Lads (where the bulk of my reviews were submitted, now in archive, reproduced below). You can read recent reviews or post reviews of my service at Sleepyboy (paying only), RentMen (with a verified account), Daddy’s Reviews and other sites such as Romeo (Dano86) where I have had profiles (some expired) and attracted comments over the years.

If you have followed me over the years, you may have noticed that my (…229) number has appeared in a number of high profile publications and websites and is visible in the archives. A selection follows:

Manchester Lads archive – ad live til summer ’16 (98 unique customer reviews):

Nice One
I have seen Daniel a few times now and I think he is very good. I hope to see him a few more times as well.
He is good for me as my needs tell me. He has a lovely manhood and bum. Although he is bisexual, I still need him.
Nice one Daniel. See you again soon.
Review of Daniel by Frank on 05 July 2016

Enjoyable Evening
Spent a very enjoyable evening with Daniel, regular updates and arrived on time.
Well worth meeting.
Review of Daniel by Paul on

Great Guy
Met Daniel many times now. He really is the nicest guy you could meet. Very friendly, very obliging, seems to really enjoy himself too!
Probably the best escort you could choose 🙂
Review of Daniel by Alan on

Well Worth It
We made an appointment with Daniel for two hours at short notice and we were very happy with the results.
Well worth paying for and we would definitely hire him again.
Review of Daniel by Paul and Steve on

Why Review?
Why post a review ? Well it’s a way of giving testament to a gifted escorts ability in the bedroom. On the whole I find the lads advertised on this site to be the cream of the crop (thanks in no small way to the sterling efforts of the site owner – keep up the good work, it’s needed and appreciated).
Well what can I say about Daniel that I have not already said about him over the past four years? Well the temptation of a stranger is ever present but Daniel can not be surpassed for passion, hunger, lust, and commitment, all delivered by means of that fantastic, soft, lean body, and those luscious lips, kissing and caressing all parts of your body. Never rushed, he can time a two hour visit to perfection and get you firing off a number of times. The perfect way to spend a horny afternoon!
Daniel is perfection and I’m a demanding customer.
So, if the review is good then it’s because the escort is good, on here at least.
Review of Daniel by Gee on

Christmas was Extra Special This Year
Met for a third time with Daniel in a hotel on Christmas Eve. He was happy to stay overnight but that wasn’t possible with this hotel.
He got me relaxed and ready to share his great body with me. For the full two hours he make me feel great responding to my needs as we went along.
It was with sadness I let him go and my bed was so empty for the rest of the night.
Next time Daniel.
Review of Daniel by Nick O on

On time, polite, clean. very very sensual and sexy – I had the best time with Daniel.
He is a proper professional and I will certainly be seeing him again.
He absolutely knows what he is doing. Excellent.
Review of Daniel by Rob on

One of the Best Escorts I’ve Ever Hired
I have hired Daniel a few times and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
He is a friendly, warm and considerate escort who provides an unhurried, client-based service. Tell him your fantasy or fetish: he is very open minded.
A very sexy guy!
I will look forward to our next session.
Review of Daniel by J J Glasgow on

One Sexy Guy
This lad will be awarded a Golden Star (geddit?) for the superb service he offered me yesterday.
If your tastes range somewhat beyond the plain vanilla Daniel is your man. His ability to do new and exciting things to my rear (he has nice small hands) will stay in my mind.
Nice one, Daniel!
Review of Daniel by Mikey on

An Hour of Relaxation and Pleasure
I have used Daniel services since I moved to Whitley Bay in 2010. Each meeting has got better and better and yesterday’s meeting was out of this world.
For our next meeting I will consider more than one hour.
Review of Daniel by Joe W on

Sexy Loveable Daniel
I cannot find any words to describe Daniel other than as an excellent and wonderful escort. He does anything I ask him, is caring and nothing I ask him to do is ever to much trouble.
I have met Daniel four times and am trying to keep him coming to me twice a month, when available, for a whole weekend. I have made an appointment with him in July for a four day stay and we are going away for two nights to visit and spend two nights in a hotel.
I will never change my choice for any other escort in the whole of UK. Daniel is a very loveable and kind guy.
Thanks Daniel for everything you do for me.
Review of Daniel by TED on

Just spent a full weekend with Daniel and had a great time. He is very attentive and very good at what he does.
I am now a pensioner with a little too much weight but that does not seem to faze Daniel.
I will be seeing him again in the future and can highly recommend him.
Review of Daniel by David G on

Handsome, Cute, Tall, Smart, Reliable and Sexy
I met Daniel for the first time, he is so good, tall, handsome, cute, sexy, very good looking.
He is so friendly, such an amicable person, he will satisfy you, I would definitely recommend him. I really enjoyed our meeting and would see him every day of every week if I could afford it!
Daniel is the one that will go the extra mile, you will receive pleasure, excitement, enjoyment, peace, you will not feel shy when you meet him, he is like a friend.
Review of Daniel by Farhan S on

Daniel is tall, handsome and so lovely. Only one word can say that: amazing.
Thank you very much Daniel, you know what am I saying. Can’t wait to see you again soon.
Review of Daniel by William on

A Perfect Gentleman, Totally Reliable and Horny
Daniel is the best escort I have ever had! He takes his time, is incredibly sensual, and has taken me to places I have never been before.
I’ve met him three times already, and have arranged a monthly overnight visit.
Nice ass btw! As for the rest…
Review of Daniel by Rob on

Only The Best Will Do!
I have been seeing Daniel regularly for almost 18 months – I met him first as an inexperienced and nervous man. He put me at ease immediately, and my times then and since have been a sensitive and sensual experience.
He knows and remembers exactly the right spots, our time together is unforgettable. He has a beautiful personality and body to go with it.
I never want to change, why would I? Make your appointment now Lads, before the queue forms.
Thanks Daniel – roll on our next meeting..
Review of Daniel by Ric on

Top Guy
If anyone wants to meet an escort for the first time, or is nervous, this is the guy for you. He is so caring, takes things at your pace and will do anything you want.
Cheers for today Daniel, can’t wait to meet you again.
Review of Daniel by Terry on

Thank You Daniel
Met Daniel for the second time yesterday. Knowing how I really enjoyed his company the first time, I wanted to see him again. I knew what to expect from our last meeting but never did I expect to get the experience I had yesterday.
All I can say is WOW, he took me to another level I had never experienced. My last time was the first time with Daniel and, indeed, an escort. What I like about Daniel is he makes sure you have a good time while you are with him and he does not disappoint. He gives you that boyfriend experience. A very relaxed, friendly guy and can he massage. YES I knew from the way Daniel was touching me that he knew where my sensitive parts are (from last time) and words cannot describe how he makes me feel.
Daniel is a genuine decent, good looking guy who will not disappoint you.
Looking forward to the next time Daniel.
Review of Daniel by Phil on

What a Man
Met Daniel this evening, WOW. This was my very first time using an escort. I was very nervous but Daniel with his laid back and easy going attitude soon made me relaxed.
He had travelled a long distance to meet me and treated me as if I was very special. I had a very pleasant 2 hours with him.
Review of Daniel by Richard on

A Very Special Experience
Being very inexperienced, chubby and in my 40’s I was very nervous calling Daniel. I’d looked at so many escorts online but always came back to Daniel’s web site and his 100+ reviews. Not quite believing he could be as good as his reviews I decided to give him a call and, a few minutes of chat later, had made an appointment to see him for a couple of hours at his place.
Daniel has a way of speaking and touching, putting you at ease, so that within minutes of arriving at his lovely home my nervousness was forgotten. He is unhurried and oh so sensual, kissing and touching in ways that make you feel incredibly special. Two incredible hours later I would have to say his reviews are spot on, he is that special and gifted in what he does. Two days later, I was back for round two which was equally unforgettable.
If you’re nervous or just unsure, don’t be. Give Daniel a call and let him work his magic.
Review of Daniel by Dave on

A Fantastic Evening with Daniel
I met Daniel last night at my Manchester hotel for an overnight. I was a bit nervous and inexperienced but sexy Daniel put me at ease straight away. A sensual massage first, followed by the best sensual sexual experience ever in my LIFE.
Now I know he’s the BEST one in Manchester and his pictures don’t do him justice. I will be seeing him again and again, YOU don’t know what you’re missing.
Review of Daniel by Ian on

Lovely Daniel
I was in Manchester last Saturday 5 October and arranged for Daniel to come and meet me at my hotel. He was really lovely. I was nervous but he was very kind and patient with me. There was no sense of rush and it was all so so nice.
I couldn’t wait to see him again and we met up again on the Sunday for two hours. It was magic!
Daniel is tall handsome and so lovely, I’m already longing for the next time we meet!
Review of Daniel by Mike on

Intelligent, Sensual, Sexy Guy
I made an appointment for my first session with Daniel last week. He was very attentive, sensual and responsive.
I will certainly be back for more!
Review of Daniel by Andrew on

Perfect Escort in Every Way
I met Daniel a few days ago for the first time. I have not used an escort service before and am very inexperienced. Daniel suggested a massage as a way of introduction and I agreed to this.
I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous. Daniel was wonderful; he quickly put me at ease and was very relaxed. I have a few hang-ups about my body and manhood size but it didn’t seem an issue to Daniel. I had the most wonderful time and feel stupid for having missed out on this experience for so long.
I will definitely be coming back to Daniel again and am looking forward to the full service. Daniel is the most gorgeous, sexy and generous of guys and I would recommend him to anyone.
Review of Daniel by Rob on

Just had 3 days away with Daniel. Have known him as an escort for about 2 years; he is equally good as a Driver/Companion. Goes everywhere that is asked of him without complaint. Highly recommended in that capacity, as well as in the bedroom!
Review of Daniel by J on

Always Great
I met Daniel again this week; each time is great and each time is different.
He is really, really good and I will keep seeing him as often as I can.
Review of Daniel by Tim on

Sexy Daniel
I have met Daniel a few times now he is fantastic. I just want to spend more time with him love the glory hole fun that we have together.
Thanks Daniel
Review of Daniel by David on

Sensitive and Sensual Guy
I had seen Daniel once before some time ago on a flying visit to the North East, and noticed that he was in my area on one of his tours round the country. So I grabbed the chance to see him again and boy was I glad I did. He helpfully fitted me in at short notice, and gave me a really good time.
He is adept and building up the excitement you feel at being with such a cool guy and seems to know just what you need, all in a relaxed yet sensual way.
Definitely to be recommended.
Review of Daniel by Steve on

Sexy and Great
Daniel was fantastic at servicing me top and bottom. He is the only person who has fully satisfied me.
Thank you Daniel. I certainly need you again very soon.
Review of Daniel by Derek on

A Lovely and Sexy Guy!
I meet with Daniel on his trip to Northamptonshire. We had an hours’ session, and I enjoyed Daniel very much. He lived up to all my expectations.
If I lived in Manchester I would be seeing him every week! I look forward to spending more time with him.
Review of Daniel by George C on

Top Marks
I meet Daniel on Friday evening. He is a very nice guy who listens to his clients’ needs and, boy, does he fulfil them, very attentive.
I was nervous at first but he soon put me at my ease. I will be seeing him again very soon.
Thank you Daniel
Review of Daniel by Derek on

Sensual and Reliable Escort
Making arrangements to meet Daniel was easy and he made sure beforehand that he understood what I was looking for when we met.
He arrived on time and was relaxed and attentive. He is sensual in everything that he does. I felt that it was a truly beautiful experience.
Review of Daniel by Stuart on

First Rate Lad
I have seen Daniel a few times at my place and I have to say that first of all his photos do not do him justice! He is far better looking in the flesh.
Spent an enjoyable time with him in and out of the bedroom on each occasion and he is everything I want from an escort; considerate, fun and genuinely out to please.
You will not be disappointed!
Review of Daniel by Alan on

Excellent Male Escort
I was nervous sending my original enquiry to Daniel, I was not after what I would say was a normal appointment. However he said ‘yes’ straight away and seemed up for it.
The next day I made an actual appointment and Daniel arrived bang on time. He had listened to my requests and it went just as I had hoped.
There is no doubting that he is a professional guy who can be relied upon.
Review of Daniel by Steve on

A Quiet and Pleasant Lad
Daniel drove over the Pennines to arrive on time at my home. He has a nice body and endowment and is very quiet and professional.
He would make someone a lovely boyfriend.
Review of Daniel by Stephen B on

A Proper Evening of Full On Pleasure
I met Daniel Last year, he accommodated my every need and also my house mate’s (for free and unplanned).
Never a clock-watcher, always a face in which you see he enjoys his work.
Good size where it counts, nice body… therefore I’ll let the sandals with socks go.
Review of Daniel by Fin on

A fantastic First Time
Met Daniel for the first time today and he was only the second escort I have met. The first I met about a year ago was a huge disappointment but Daniel more than made up for that.
Daniel is very personable, a great kisser, very sensuous and attentive and a real good ‘top’.
I am delighted I finally plucked up the courage to contact him. I shall see him again.
Review of Daniel by J of Whalley Range on

Fantastic Guy
Met Daniel for the first time and will definitely want to meet again. He drove to Birmingham as I was visiting the city and arrived at the time we agreed on.
Daniel showed me a fantastic time and we had lots of fun. He made the whole meeting about me and what I needed. He is a fantastic guy and the photos do not do him justice.
I have been with several escorts and Daniel was the best by far.
Review of Daniel by Andrew on

Had the good fortune to meet Daniel again and wow!
He’s hot, sexy, fit and knows exactly how to please a guy.
Can’t wait for next time.
Review of Daniel by Ross on

Uninhibited and Good Company
Met Daniel recently at short notice for a couple of hours, arriving complete with a huge selection of the rudest shorts.
Daniel is superb company, intelligent and softly spoken, extremely well presented and exactly as his pics show him to be.
I thoroughly recommend him and would not hesitate to call him again.
Well done Daniel, you are a credit to Manchester Lads.
Review of Daniel by John on

Possibly my best ever escort!
Really friendly and adaptable guy.
I’m into vanilla and he met all my needs and requirements. Great kisser and very sexy – I had a really lovely time and look forward to repeating it.
Possibly the best escort I’ve ever used.
Review of Daniel by Greg on

Great two hours of fun and relaxation!
Came to Manchester by train, Daniel kindly collected me from the train station with no problem.
Very clean, tidy, neat apartment, which puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable.
Daniel gave me a wonderful service and the most impressive massage.
If you are unsure about making an appointment with Daniel, just look at his reviews, but most of all how many good reviews he has! You will have no issues with this fella, he is a very nice, quiet guy.
Daniel, I will be seeing you again for SURE. Take care and hope to see you soon.
Review of Daniel by JK74 on

Nice lad, very pleasant and lots of fun
I arranged to meet Daniel at quite short notice but despite this he was exceptionally courteous and helpful in making plans to visit me as required.
This was my first appointment and Daniel went out of his way to ensure I was completely relaxed so that we ultimately enjoyed a very pleasant evening together.
Spending time with Daniel is an experience in pleasure and professionalism which I would highly recommend to anyone.
Review of Daniel by Luke on

Holiday Companion
Having met Daniel several times over the last 12 months I engaged him as a driver/companion for a few days. There were some historical sites I wished to see and didn’t want to drive so much.
We stayed at a reasonably up-market hotel and Daniel did everything that was asked of him. I told him that he could go off on his own whilst I looked round the sites if he wished, but he stayed with me and it was a very pleasant few days.
I enjoyed it very much; I don’t know whether Daniel did but, if he didn’t, he didn’t show it! I shall be repeating the experiment some time in the future!
Review of Daniel by Julian on

Great Hot and Sexy
Daniel is great fun, hot and sexy. A nice, young lad.
You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve been with Daniel.
Review of Daniel by Keith on

Genuine Friendly Lad
Great time had, nervous at first, made feel at ease. Enjoyed every single minute. Excellent masseur and also the rest.
Don’t miss the opportunity if you can. Great lad all round, will be back.
Review of Daniel by Mac on

Great Evening with a Charming Guy
It’s difficult to say something that hasn’t already been said about Daniel. I met Daniel recently and was delighted with everything he did to make the evening an exceptional experience.
He was able to create a fantastic atmosphere and was generous with his time especially as I am not very experienced using this type of service. I really felt he went beyond what I expected and I certainly had a superb time. He seemed to genuinely enjoy himself too – He is truly a unique young man.
I certainly hope that I will be able to meet him again.
Thanks once again Daniel.
Review of Daniel by Nick on

Great Lad
Daniel put me at ease right away. He was so kind and polite I completely forgot that it was my first time with another man. Great top. Hope to meet up again soon! 🙂
By the way, he looks ten times better in flesh than in his pictures. He should definitely have been an underwear model, his package is huge!
Review of Daniel by Jim on

Really Nice Guy and Fantastic Body
I met Daniel today, he is a very nice lad. He met all my requirements without question. I will be seeing him again 🙂
Review of Daniel by Alan on

Daniel made the journey to Newcastle as I was visiting the city. We arranged details by email and text and he arrived on time. I asked for a sleazy and sensuous lad in sports gear with and that’s what I got!
He did everything I had asked of him and he was both warm and sexy with a dirty boy edge. His body is smooth and he gives a warm and friendly massage.
I will certainly be seeing him again.
Review of Daniel by Pete on

Totally Faultless
Wow, what a guy! Absolutely awesome, did not disappoint me and I felt very relaxed with him. He was just great company and is very good at what he does.
Can’t wait to meet him again in 2 weeks time, will definitely be seeing him on a regular basis and would highly recommend him.
Review of Daniel by Mike on

What a Stunner
Went to see Daniel last night. What a stunner, spent two hours with a polite, kind, caring awesome guy. Will be back for more.
Review of Daniel by Jon on

Great Lad
Hi met up with Daniel on the 14th of Jan 12. What a great lad he is, he picked me up at the train station and returned me too.
It was my first time and he made it into a great, great time for me. He took his time, always asking if I was ok.
Cannot say to much about Daniel, he just a great lad who knows how to please.
See you soon mate. Derek.
Review of Daniel by Derek on

Top Quality
I met Daniel on a recent visit to Manchester. A top quality service which I will certainly be using again.
Review of Daniel by Kev on

Responsive and Inventive
Daniel is a very special young man. A very attractive slim lad with a great body; he instantly made me feel comfortable. Our hour together seemed to fly by. I had asked for the sensual massage, and Daniel was responsive and inventive.
Like another reviewer said: Daniel made me feel more like a partner than a client. Respectful and easy-going, and great value for money.
Review of Daniel by John on

Worth Every Penny
Daniel. He’s amazing looking and polite, made me feel at ease. He’s great at what he does and was worth every penny.
Defo wanna see him again. Review of Daniel by Ed on 03 October 2011

Responsive and Attentive
Met up with Daniel this Sunday, and he really eased me into things. I would echo all the other reviews published here. He is responsive and attentive. His tool is also impressive, as is his kit of gear.
I am certainly going to treat myself again soon.
Review of Daniel by David on

10 out of 10
Daniel is one of the best escorts I have been with. I have been with him a number of times now and all I can say is WOW. Very little he will not do and is so receptive to a client’s needs. He has a great body and a lovely smile.
I will be back to see you soon 10/10.
Review of Daniel by John on

Treats you like a partner
Daniel is a very special escort, I have met him on a number of occasions and the time we spend together just gets better and better. Daniel is very attentive, responsive and always gives 110%.
He quite simply provides one of the best escort service available. When you meet Daniel he treats you like a partner and not just another client.
He really is the best so give him a call.
Review of Daniel by Mark on

An Absolute Pleasure
Some escorts promise the earth and deliver next to nothing. Daniel is completely different. He is understated and exceeded my expectations in lots of ways.
Daniel was an absolute pleasure to meet and turned me on in ways I’d forgotten were possible. He is a true star of the escort scene and he deserves every success.
Needless to say I will be meeting him again. Thanks Daniel x
Review of Daniel by Phil on

A Great Body
Met Daniel two nights ago with him making a nine hour round journey to visit me. Quiet and rather reserved (understandably as it was our first meeting), he has a great body and lovely equipment. It was a pleasure to be in his company and his fees were very, very reasonable in view of the time and distance involved.
I look forward to meeting him again when he is in my neck of the woods. Hire him and you won’t be disappointed.
Review of Daniel by Mature Daddy on

Good Looking and Talented
What an amazing lad! Daniel is a very good looking and talented lad, with a massive 8″. He is extremely considerate and attentive, as well as being very passionate. I had the best time ever, and will definitely go back for more.
Thank you Daniel, you are a star.
Review of Daniel by Rick on

Recommended 100%
A really nice lad, pleasant and accommodating. Went out of his way to make sure I enjoyed myself. Reliable and a very honest person. Recommended 100%.
Review of Daniel by Ian on

Kind and Considerate
I just wanted to pay Daniel a compliment, I am new to meeting people this way but, of the few I have met, he is a kind and considerate person and i enjoyed all the time we spent together.
I will definitely see him again.
Thank you Daniel
Review of Daniel by George on

Beyond Wonderful
Had a great time, fabulous fun, nice guy, clean, polite, friendly, and the fun -well, “wonderful” does not cover it.
The first time I ever made an appointment for a second visit before leaving the guy, that good!
Review of Daniel by Ken on

Delightful Guy
Met Daniel Tuesday and what a delightful guy. Slim, good looking. Incredibly polite and concerned that I had a good time.
The whole experience was wonderful. Will definitely see him again.
Review of Daniel by Mike on

Treat Yourself
Have just spent Friday night with Daniel – had a more intimate than raunchy time, which is what I was looking for. Daniel is polite, clean, personable, sexy, attractive and all his profile information is accurate.
I would highly recommend for a client who maybe nervous. As a final note when you compare his fees against others he is excellent value… treat yourself !
Review of Daniel by Andy on

Pleasure in Troves
Brings the pleasure in troves. Absolutely beautiful skin. Gentle, self-assured but not arrogant. Anybody who has been with Daniel knows the list is endless, all I can offer is my unreserved recommendation. Repeat custom will be very likely!
Review of Daniel by Joseph on

Wonderful, Considerate and Sensual
Daniel paid me a house call last night. I must admit to being slightly nervous but there really was no need. Daniel is a wonderful, considerate and sensual guy who exceeded all my expectations. I cannot recommend him too highly. Now I’m so looking forward to the next time. Keep it up Daniel!
Review of Daniel by Phil on

Two words… Fu**in’ Fantastic! Really nice guy, I’ll be back.
Review of Daniel by Ben on

I made an appointment with him on 5/10/11 for a massage, and to take the lead in the active role. Excellent. As the other reviewers have already confirmed, this lad is clean and punctual, with the equipment/stamina required to give a good top service.
After a few lads who were nice enough but didn’t really know what they were doing, I think I’ll be sticking with this one.
Review of Daniel by Simon on

Delightful, Quality Experience
If you are looking for a professional, reliable and honest escort then Daniel could be your man.
Whether in Manchester, the surrounding area, or some distance away Daniel will do his best to meet your requirements. I should know as he recently travelled the length of England to get from one client to me; and this is not for the first time either.
He may appear quiet but he certainly is not shy and he will aim to please in a respectful, thoughtful and polite way. All that Daniel says in his profile and all the reviews received are accurate.
Another value for money, delightful, quality experience. Daniel, thanks again.
Review of Daniel by Robby on

Deserves to be Busy
This guy was first class such a nice guy. He really made me feel at ease and I will use him again.
I did not know what to expect as it was my first time with an escort. I had read many comments on quite a few guys on this site but for some reason I kept coming back to Daniel because of comments guys had left. I must say all true and it was a gamble for me as I had him come down to Cardiff, I am so glad I did!
Daniel, you’re a great guy and you deserve to be busy.
Review of Daniel by Cardiff on

Met Daniel late on last night what an amazing guy, awesome body, so cute and a joy to be with. I felt so safe and at ease being with him.
Daniel is so intuitive, I was mega horny and he pushed EVERY button and I mean EVERY button. Have had a massive smile on my face all day
Thanks Daniel, see you soon.
Review of Daniel by Anon on

The Best Regular Escort
This is the first time I have ever written a second review for an escort but let me try to explain why. I think I must have seen Daniel about 20 times over the past year, and does the excitement wear off? Not a bit of it – this guy deserves to be every client’s regular. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an in call, out call, overnight, 3-day working holiday, whatever you want and Daniel delivers in such a way that you never tire of it or him.
I’ve seen him in hotels, travelodges, my own bedroom at home, in canalboats at 3am, in saunas up and down the country, you name it, we’ve done it and I still love it! And before you think I must be stinking rich I should say that Daniel does reward loyalty with some very tempting discounts, you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable he can be.
I’ve got to know him so well now that he’s like a friend, but at the same time always very professional and courteous in his dealings with me. The best regular anyone could have!!
Review of Daniel by Rikki on

Unforgettable Experience
Quite a late review. Met Daniel in late January of this year at the place where he stays whilst up in the North East (Newcastle). It was a very last minute appointment as I was very nervous and hummed and arghed whether or not to take the plunge. Eventually my horniness over my nerves and I called Daniel and we hastily made an appointment within the hour.
I can only reiterate what has already been said in the reviews thus far. Daniel is a very passionate young man who pushes all the right buttons and is incredible horny for the whole period. I’ve promised that I will see him again sometime as I know it’s been a while but our calenders kinda clash.
Thanks Daniel for the unforgettable experience and hope to see you soon.
Review of Daniel by Jon on

Not a Clock Watcher
Now what can I say about Daniel? In one word: “WOW”. He’s a great guy, very cute. I didn’t feel rushed or that he was clock watching like some do.
Am in a wheelchair and need a lot of help, which didn’t bother him at all. He was very understanding about my needs very helpful.
He’s just a lovely guy and I hope to see him again.
Review of Daniel by Daniel J on

A Truly Pleasurable Experience
Honestly where do I start. I might be new to this, Daniel was my first escort, but not the first I have spoken to. Most seem arrogant and “quick” to meet their needs! Not that way with Daniel.
I accommodated, a good hour from his place to mine, no problem for him at minimal cost to me. The best was yet to come! What a truly pleasurable experience. He has a gorgeous personality, talkative, intelligent and unhurried, both in bed and over dinner which we had at mine. The best was totally unfeasible, what a truly wonderful experience. He is young and athletic, I am mature, no matter, it all just went so so naturally.
Lovely body, lovely personality and lovely equipment, unquestionably the best I have seen before! Our second session, after dinner was enough to convince me to see him again, not that I doubted I would from the session pre dinner!
Amazing Daniel, see you soon, not soon enough I think!
Review of Daniel by Mature Bottom on

An Exceptional Escort
Daniel is an exceptional escort – he is a highly intuitive partner, with a great understanding of what a guy wants. He relaxes your whole body, attentive to needs: it was a lovely unhurried time, never rushed, and he is beautiful with it. An experience to die for!
Review of Daniel by David on

Ahead of the Competition
Way ahead of the competition! Daniel is amazing – any pre-appointed requests are accommodated to the letter and so willingly! His February visit to me included a superb deep massage, shaving and the pleasure of him spending the night in my bed and in my arms!
A word of warning: if you want him to, he can perform like an angel or a devil you choose and you’ll be addicted!
Review of Daniel by Barry on

A Lovely Lad
Daniel is a real find… wow!
Daniel was my first time with commercial and as I have recently moved north to the hills and with extensive building works around in house I needed just one afternoon to myself to do what I wanted. To relax!
Here’s a lovely lad. You could not want for more from anyone! I’ve never had such a good time. Daniel is really passionate and he instinctively makes you feel you’re the best ever! You matter to him. If you’re clean and treat him as he deserves to be treated, in return you get showered with a hot horny experience! That’s professionalism for you!
Review of Daniel by Chris on

The Best Present
Met with Daniel just before Xmas as a present to myself. Was by far the best present I have received in years. Completely relaxed, comfortable evening that resonated for quite a few days, making a very long bit of travel bearable!
I highly recommend this very professional and gentle person. Thank you Daniel.
Review of Daniel by David on

A Really Good Time
I enjoyed a really good time with Daniel last Thursday, we discussed everything that was required for the appointment to work for me in detail on the phone before meeting and again Daniel spent a good time chatting before we got involved in the bedroom. He was very accommodating in all respects and I will definitely be seeing him again when he travels to my part of the country again.
Review of Daniel by Peter on

Fantastic and Professional
Met Daniel the other evening and it was the first time I had dealings with a escort but Daniel was so cool and more then polite and made me feel so so comfortable during the meeting and was really fantastic and professional in and out of bed. Will be meeting up again soon. A+
Review of Daniel by Mickee on

Kind and Gentle
Met Daniel the other week. What talent, he has so kind and gentle. Will deffo want to see him again x
Review of Daniel by Ryan on

1st Class Young Man
I met with Daniel last night for the first time, and WOW what a meet. Daniel offers a first class experience, and boy does he deliver it. Arrangements were made at very short notice (thanks for that Daniel) he took note of everything I wanted, my likes and dislikes. We arranged a time and Daniel arrived bang on time.
Once here I was put at ease straight away by Daniel’ pleasant and calm manner, he is very articulate and was very attentive to everything I said in conversation. In the bedroom Daniel was absolutely amazing, the arrangements made earlier were followed seemlessly, which made the whole experience more enjoyable.
I had such a good time with Daniel I can’t recommend him enough. 1st class young man that delivers a 1st class experience. I will be seeing again. Thanks Daniel X
Review of Daniel by Garry on

Stunning and Passionate
I met Daniel in the north and we spent some time together! The evening was truly stunning, as was Daniel! He was attentive, gentle and very passionate! This was my first experience of an escort and can safely say that it was excellent! It was just a stunning experience, thank you!
Review of Daniel by Will on

Knows the Right Buttons
Whilst on a trip to Blackpool, I contacted Daniel at 4pm to arrange an appointment for 8pm on the same day. Within a few minutes, Daniel called me back to confirm that the hotel was booked. I met Daniel at the hotel, where he led me discreetly to the room.
Without going into to much detail, all I can say about Daniel is that he is one of the best escorts around, and his pictures do not do him justice. Despite his young age, Daniel knows the right buttons to press, and he even found some hot spots that I didn’t know I had. Make an appointment with Daniel and you will find out what I mean.
Unlike some escorts I have met in the past, Daniel was really attentive and responsive, making sure we both had a hot time. Had I more time, I would have seen Daniel for more than two hours, but hopefully I will next time I am in the area.
Review of Daniel by David on

Honest, Charming, Delightful Escort
Some escorts promise the earth and deliver very little; some escorts don’t charge much until you want to kiss and then the bill goes up by an extra £20, and so on for anything above meeting the guy! Daniel however is honest, charming, delightful and his only up front charges are a chat by phone to check out what you are into.
I wanted an overnight but he suggested a couple of hours first – and what a fantastic, relaxed, exciting, pleasurable couple of hours I had. He made me feel wonderful and was happy to meet all my desires. He didn’t rush, didn’t give a running commentary on the time and didn’t hurry to get away afterwards.
I will definitely see him again for an overnight session, knowing that it will hit all the right spots. Oh, and of course on top of his excellent service, he is good looking, sexy, has a great body and he certainly knows how to use all his attributes for your pleasure!
Thanks Daniel, look forward to seeing you again soon!
Review of Daniel by Dave E on

A Very Special Friend
A night that will never be forgotten. A Gentleman who was in tune with my needs and exercised utmost respect with a high degree of dignity. I have made a very special friend for eternity. We had so much in common. I will most certainly meet Daniel again!
Review of Daniel by Anon on

A Breath of Fresh Air
After talking online to other, arrogant escorts, who forget that they are in a service industry, Daniel was a real breath of fresh air. Chatting online he answered my many questions and was happy to have a short chat on the phone to check we were going to click. He is polite and efficient.
We met in Preston, at one of the places he uses. As Daniel knows, I was gutted that it wasn’t possible to meet a second time during my short trip up to the North West. If he’s down in London, I will be at the front of the queue to see him again.
Review of Daniel by Dan on

Deeply Satisfying
Spent 2 great and deeply satisfying hours with Daniel. What a pleasant, easy going and accommodating lad. Treat him right and you will be rewarded plentiful. By the way, his pictures don’t do him full justice. You must see and feel him in real.
Review of Daniel by Luke on

You won’t be disappointed
Met up with Daniel, what a stunner! Go for him guys, you won’t be disappointed.
Review of Daniel by Alan on

First Class Escort
This escort is first class. Great attitude, fantastic body, and a real skill in giving pleasure. Highly recommended!
Review of Daniel by David on

A Charming Young Man
Daniel is a charming young man. Attentive and good conversationalist. Handsome, with great bum and thighs. I would highly recommend.
Review of Daniel by Mike on

Daniel came to my hotel for a two hour visit – which was brilliant! Arranging it with him was easy, and he arrived on time dressed as we discussed. He was open to all my suggestions – and offered more than a few (good ones) of his own! He can carry on a great conversation and is good company.
I’ve made an appointment to see him again soon.
Review of Daniel by Sandy on

Has the Wow Factor
Met Daniel on the today and have to say this guy has the wow factor for sure. He is sensual, erotic and put me at ease right away.
He is just damn good looking with all the equipment to provide you with a wonderful time. No hesitation in recommending him at all.
Thanks Daniel and will certainly be seeing him again!!!
Review of Daniel by Gaz on

A Lovely Guy
A lovely guy, really affectionate and looked after me even though I was nervous.
Review of Daniel by Kevin on

Problems with public reviews of escorts:

  • In 2016, I stopped soliciting reviews to put distance between myself and a few other advertisers who customers of mine accused of systematic feedback canvassing in 2015. Whilst all of my reviews/feedback is unsolicited from 2016 onwards, the practice of canvassing and soliciting friends/customers, sometimes with financial incentives is still very normal, and there are no controls in place against this.
  • Outright fabrication of escort reviews and feedback for escorts, including reviews written by the advertiser themselves and reviews that have been copied from my and others’ ads and reproduced elsewhere.
  • Advertisers paying for an ad will threaten to withdraw their advert or sue the publisher for defamation if it contains negative comments. This allows some advertisers with poor reputations and nefarious intent to achieve a positive feedback profile.

Possible solutions:

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