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Gay Escort Meaning, Salary and more

The meaning of and “salary” of a gay male escort is regularly searched for, so I wrote an article to catch some of that traffic. I hope to provide some information on the definition and salary of a gay or male escort that is untainted by commercial interests.

In the UK:

  • Gay Escort – BFE, Kink or both: This is the most popular category – they are generally gay/bi men aged 18-40, who provide a boyfriend experience (sex) or service customers who would struggle to fulfill their unusual desires outside of the escort scene. Customers are usually older males, age 40+, often larger build and less physically attractive. Up to half of the customers are married, although a large proportion are single, or older gay males. There is plenty of work for a mainstream gay escort in Europe.
  • Professional Domination: Not essentially the preserve of a gay male escort. Nearly all the customers for this type of service are males, and this is the one further category in which considerable profits can be made by a male escort in the UK. This category is suitable for a small minority of non-submissive straight males, as it does not require that the service provider be physically intimate with the customer. Some examples of niches are nonsexual BDSM, cash master and consensual blackmail.
  • Male Escort – Females only, Social only: Although you will find adverts for this type of escort, they do not actually make any money. The number of adverts is a direct result of agencies (and borderline sites such as Gentlemen4Hire) that attempt to recycle hype and interest in the escorting scene and make a profit from males who are less familiar with the actual demand for male escort services and its homosexual nature. It is possible for an attractive straight male to work part time as a sexual male escort servicing single females and couples, although the money is very poor. Plus, there are serious reliability issues escorting for M-F couples. Older, usually retired males, age 50-75 may receive free or discounted passes on cruise ships if they can fulfill certain criteria. The “job” of these companions is to occupy and entertain the surplus of barren widows on these cruise ships by accompanying them to dinner, dancing, etc in exchange for free board and drink on the operator.


“Salary” for a Gay Escort:

  • In London: £130-200 per single hour transaction, rising to £400-1000 per night. A well-advertised full time male escort in Central London could make in the region of £300+ per day (on average) before costs of living.
  • In Manchester & UK City Centers: £100+ per single hour transaction, rising to £400 per night. To maintain daily earnings of £150 or more, escorts will need to tour from city to city or have their own transport to serve outlying areas.
  • Your annual “salary” depends on your willingness to work for different types of customer, and your willingness/ability to provide out calls. Around 60% or more of demand is for out calls! Whilst I for example have demand for an annual “salary” of £80,000, I actually earn just a fraction of that figure as I turn down a lot of work that I know would pay well.
  • This is not a strict salary, as you are working independently. Agencies and houses have almost disappeared from the male escort scene, so you must be the agent of your own business. Do not trust any agency or advertising service that asks for an upfront fee, unless it has been tested and independently reviewed.

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