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This page is about my male escort services for single females and couples in London. For a bi male escort service (i.e. man for a man), see the rest of this site.

From around 2015 onwards, male escort services have become more a part of my work as the taboos around escorting and gender have slowly eroded, and I have taken up some alternative advertising options such as UK Adult Zone.

Working mainly for males and occasionally couples in London, Essex, Berkshire, Kent and elsewhere, I have a lot of experience when it comes to being an active pleasure-giver. This fits in well with the services I offer to couples, as they mainly involve the male partner watching me with his wife or girlfriend as opposed to being fucked by the male as one may assume. On some occasions, I am required to dominate the male partner – as there are a minority of couples who are more open minded in this regard.

Straight Male Escort, Essex

I have also seen a considerable increase in the number of Female singles looking for one-off and regular fun with a male escort, although I still find this to be rare – perhaps two or three times a month at the most. There are of course, plenty of adverts for straight male escorts (and predictable media hype), but in reality these men are not really escorts, and they are not making any real money. A trademark sign of a “male escort scam” victim is an advert that mentions social escorting, formal events and escorting for single females only, not couples – let alone single males. This, and the involvement of third parties (hint: look very carefully at some ads on Backpage) tends to signal that a supposed “male escort” is probably paying out more in fees than he is earning, and is thus, down on experience and not a good professional choice for single females looking for a good time!

Whatever your requirements – be it a one on one boyfriend experience, straight-playing bisexual male in a cuckolding scene or something even more kinky and adventurous, I have plenty of experience in male escorting, and own transport means that I can get anywhere in London, The West End or the surrounding counties. I can, of course host in all the usual locations discussed on my site, if a discreet encounter is preferred.

I do ask one thing when couples are involved, though, and it comes from experience. And that is, both the initiator and his or her partner are absolutely nailed on the idea of going ahead with a meeting, and do not harbor any doubts or guilt that might jeopardize it and waste my time. Male escorting for couples and single females is a relatively unexplored territory and can be daunting sometimes, which is why I always ask for a deposit when I am required to travel outside of my area for a couple. The number of cancellations/problems due to one partner flip-flopping, getting drunk, or generally disrespecting the professional arrangement are unusually high, and so I must ask for this to be taken into consideration, along with my usual payment on arrival.

P.S, if there are any guys in the local area offering similar services, including at the very least, couples, I would love for you to post an ad with contact details below. Similarly, any couples or single females seeking services as customers may post below.

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