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As I have my own transport (either that, or I can easily get the train), I am more than willing to travel to Maidstone and Gillingham. As there tends to be very few escorts living in this area, I find that demand outstrips supply in the Medway towns. I am an English bisexual male escort and masseur who covers Medway, Chatham, Rochester and the whole country.

Lacking, as they do, professional values, a number of male escorts are unwilling to travel this far. There are a few related issues when it comes to hiring an amateur escort, and I go into these elsewhere. A lot of the younger escorts may not even be able to accommodate, and tend to be surprisingly “old fashioned” when it comes to considering medium distance travel as an option – putting them at odds with my most valued customers.

Still interested in hiring me in Gillingham or Maidstone? Do go over my rates, services and pics. My rates for your area are below, and include tailored travel costs:

  • £200 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above
  • £300 – for Overnight

Why not also have a look at my reviews, which I have received over ten years of working in the escort industry.

Sadly, when you look at local advertising sites, including Vivastreet, Backpage, etc, the dreadful quality/spread of the adverts is quite obvious. Most gay and male escorts would never consider basing themselves somewhere with a lower population density than the West End and would probably consider it to be the Sahara! You will often find yourself having to drive to their place and then take them to a hotel or back to yours, as they are unable to host and have no car. You may also be aware that London is famous for its “party” (read drug) scene, especially among “sex workers”. I would doubt that if you paid deposits for two London escorts’ transport, both would arrive in Gillingham or Maidstone, what with other things being closer to hand. Since I have considerable experience of escorting, you can rest assured that I will arrive on time, charging one rate without upcharge or the special pleading for “lifestyle extras” that customers tell me informal escorts are inclined towards. Since I drive, I can get to you a lot faster late at night, but may choose to use public transport anyway. My arrangements are professionally costed and executed, meaning we can have more fun in person, forgetting about the basic details!

Still interested in hiring me in the Medway Towns? It would be great if you could call or make contact. If you are instead an escort, maybe even a client, do post an advert below. Please include contact details, rates and what you seek or offer. Links may have to be vetted, resulting in a delay, but are nevertheless welcome.

Image above courtesy of Ron Hann via Wikimedia Commons.