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Located just 90 minutes away from Macclesfield (on the high-speed), I am available for out calls to this area. As a bi male escort with many years of experience, I am most often a top for male customers. Slim build, almost smooth, and with 8/uncut, I am reliable and versatile to most requests, including kink. With own transport, I can get to Macclesfield on time, without unexpected taxi fares or delays. I can also visit local towns and villages such as Prestbury, Poynton, Buxton, Adlington and Congleton for a small surcharge.

You will be able to see from my reviews, that I am one of the best-rated male escorts in the UK, and have been around for over eight years. This means that I can be relied upon for long-term regular arrangements. I have a mature approach to escorting, matching my preferred clientele, i.e. mature men who shy away from drug-intoxicated escorts/fitness model crossover types who tend to show little interest in the customer’s needs.

Please use the navigation menu above to browse my escort services. Hopefully this will answer any questions you may have as to the nature of the service. My pics – (one clean – linked, and one XXX gallery) may also help you decide whether or not you would like to meet me. Here are some rates with specific regard to Macclesfield out calls:

Gay Escort Tour Dates

  • £150 – 1 hour based on occasional/convenient location (e.g. following an overnight the previous day)
  • £300 – 1 hour.
  • £350 – 2 hours.
  • £400 – 3 hours or cost for an overnight in Macclesfield hotels.


Macclesfield Gay Escorts

I did a bit of research on Google to see if there were any professional male escorts in Macclesfield. Like many other areas, the scene in Macclesfield is very poor and taken up by Manchester. Unfortunately, if you want a male escort to visit from Manchester, very few will be willing to travel, and those who do will be relying on public transport and expensive/unreliable taxi services. Few of the local novices will be able to accommodate (anywhere), and a number of the Manchester escorts (probably around half) will have drugs problems. I’d say that around half of the male escorts I know in Manchester would only seriously consider traveling as far as Macclesfield if you (the customer) were offering a “one-off, illicit drugs grab”, and given how they often behave without supplies, I’d seriously only consider it if I knew a dealer.

Macclesfield Gay Escorts, Cheshire

Although I do not know of any, I am happy to publish ads commented by gay male escorts and bi escorts in Macclesfield, or even customers seeking services. Just post a comment below, including your services, contact details and other relevant information.

Still interested in calling me to Macclesfield? Please contact me! I’ll be happy to discuss finer details of my services, but please respect that I am not a flirty chatline, and aim solely to meet genuine customers in real-life situations.

Photo above, Graham.