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While most London-based gay male escorts and bi escorts are overpriced at £500-1000 per night for a very basic service, I offer a professional service (versatile, 8/uncut) in the capital from £150/h. Accommodation can be provided for up to three hour meetings in central London, until 10pm, or I can travel to your part of London, right into the early hours – 3am.

Many of my appointments in London are multi-hours with undemanding customers, owing to my reasonable add hour rate of £50. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed; services are offered overnight, on the basis that normal sleep patterns are observed – I’m not an escort for “all night drug-fuelled partying”.

I am often called to Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire or Surrey, for specialized services such as fisting for example, or for customers who seek a bf type experience from a reputable male escort who has received more & better feedback than local escorts. The above rates apply to gay and bi escort services in all inner London Boroughs, such as Camden, Fulham, Harrow, Kensington and Kingston. Areas outside the M25 (ring road) attract surcharges as seen below:

  • £200+£50p/h £200 one hour plus £50 successive hours. Deposit is  required for new distance out calls.

Why not meet me at a Sauna? If I am allowed to choose the venue, I won’t charge you for my admission. Just pay me in full before we enter.


London is a huge and highly competitive market for male escorts, and advertising budgets for leading escorts can easily exceed £1000/month. Combined with accommodation costs, it’s easy to see why you are (according to most accounts) unlikely to be no-showed by a male escort in London.

Still, I see a number of customers who refuse to hire elsewhere in Greater London due to the prevalence of certain practices in the local market:

  • Cash and dash scam. Typically, but not exclusively non-British escorts who prey on traveling customers in hotels. The person who turns up is the model in the photos, they demand cash up front and promptly leave the hotel after minimal or no contact.
  • Bait and switch – a form of false advertising based on deception and accepting the risk/probability of not being paid. A number of London escort folios are stolen/photoshopped (digitally manipulated) to make them look more attractive than they really are. Sometimes, multiple escorts are responding to one or multiple ads. They typically provide a poor service and take advantage of customers who accept whoever turns up because of time constraints or simply being horny. Unfortunately, bait and switchers typically win more bets than they lose, and the ease of out calls in a well connected city such as London is a strong lure for unscrupulous escorts.
  • “Chemsex” escorts. Accepting regular customers who use drugs is key to any profitable male escort business, and around 50% of the leads I get when working in London mention drugs (I no longer accept this, until I have met a person sober first). However, being dependent on customers as direct suppliers or lifestyle sponsors is another matter. It is generally understood that the proportion of drug-dependent male for male sex workers in London is considerably higher than in other areas. When an advertiser uses the term “party boy” or “party guy” in his advert or pill/diamond icons, this is usually code for heavy drug user/the more familiar party and play/high and horny.
  • No tops, or all the tops are bottoms. This is kind of related to the drugs issue, but I hear again and again that it is incredibly hard to find a top in London. It’s not that there are no tops, but the number of total bottoms falsely claiming to be either “hung” tops or “versatile” as a bait to get their foot in the door makes it very hard to establish who is actually a top. They are often wired and reliant on the drugs for emotional reasons and disinhibition, which makes them quite needy/submissive and not what one would expect from a top if they are paying for the privilege. A similar issue is “costume-hire/pantomime doms” or “pop-up” fet-scorts – who whist inexperienced or incapable, believe that simply pushing a few photos with a leather/s&m theme will attract customers who are looking for “something different”.

London Gay Escort

Should you be interested in arranging an appointment in London, please call me, or send an email through my contact form if your enquiry is non urgent. While I do list the numbers of other providers, I am also keen for escorts and customers in the area to post their ads below. Please include your rates/prices and a contact detail as well as basic information about yourself and your service.

As you probably know from online searches, the main places for London gay escorts to advertise include Gaydar, Sleepy Boy and RentMen, although there is considerable flux in workforce and the quality of these services is very rarely guaranteed. Perhaps consider GE London as an alternative way of hiring a London gay escort within 1 hour.

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