Gay Male Escorts in London, City and Greater

London Gay Male Escorts serving the City and GreaterSummary: The London Gay Male Escort Scene is as diverse as it is large. Still, I am not convinced of the ability of most London Gay Escorts to match my affordability or level of service - especially with the more mature customer. Take a look at the rest of my site if you feel that you may be interested in hiring or even acting as a host for a tour in London.

Underpinning most Gay Escort Services in London, is the profit motive - with many foreign Escorts trying to make as much money as possible in the shortest possible time. Doctored photos, misleading ads and extortionate charging practises are all, sadly very common. The foremost online and print advertisers of London Gay Escorts have done almost nothing to address this because they fear losing custom, and see these kind of games as "par for the course". The rates charged by Gay and Bi Escorts in London have now reached such absurd heights (e.g. £1000 quoted for a night), that I can easily undercut day and night rates by driving or taking the train in from the North. If you are looking for a Local Gay Escort in London, I would recommend directories with a more selective approach to advertisers, such as Gay Escort London.

Regular tours? As the rates charged by local Gay Escorts are so extortionate, I can match multi-hour rates by traveling in, however, I make trips one or two times every year (see my Tour Page and consider subscribing your phone number). Any offers of a place (rent/payment in kind) to work from in the area will be considered, as this will lower the cost to my Clients considerably.

Outcall notice at other times? Best call a few days in advance. Same day arrangements may also be manageable - you have nothing to lose by asking!

If you are serious about our arrangement and willing to pay the deposit for travel expenses, I can easily get to London and the surrounding areas for Gay Escort bookings, and my rates are very reasonable compared to what else you may find in the London Area. As I am the most reviewed Gay Male Escort in the UK and one of the most experienced, I am often called to work all over the country by Clients who are less willing to take a chance with local Escorts. It seems that some of the Gay Escorts are themselves unwilling to travel, or less able to carry out a safe but (to them) unusual Client request, be it a fetish or more intimate, boyfriend-like experience.

The London Gay Escort Scene (and why you may want to look outside of it)

The London Gay Escort scene is hugely diverse and over-competed. I am simply unable to keep count of the number of advertisers in this area, with websites such as Gaydar, Rentboy and SleepyBoy overloaded with ads, often purchased at much higher premiums than elsewhere in the country. For a top London Gay Male Escort, advertising will often set you back over £500 a month before commissions. Unfortunately, with said Gay Male Escorts scrapping for what little "high-paying" custom there is, a number of problems have developed in what is an unregulated and over-competed market:

  • Photo Doctoring - Whilst excessive use of photoshop to add skin tone or muscle bulk is a reality, and has been for many years, the latest trend in the London Gay Escort Scene is "augmentation" of the advertiser's appendage. This is in order to match the Escort's apparent endowment to his "size claims".
  • Drugs - Where there is money - and the potential for lots of it, the "elite" sex and drugs trades will always follow. Sadly, for many London Gay Male Escorts, the sex trade is more of a necessity than a genuine profession, or otherwise becomes that way by virtue of "party and play" culture and peer pressure.
  • Disease - With already soaring levels of venereal disease in the area, "high volume" London Gay Escorts are throwing caution to the wind in agreeing to more risky Client demands as competition heats up in the economic downturn.
  • Language - The majority of London Gay Male Escorts are from foreign cultures, and many of them struggle to speak English. The problems this presents when it comes to reliability and action in the bedroom need as little elaboration as the Escorts themselves can muster.
  • Attitude - High-competition, high-volume and illicit drugs do not generally make happy advertisers, especially when they are outside of their home countries and having to "do something for cash" with older, less attractive males. I'm told that this primadonna "look but don't touch" attitude is most prevalent among Latino (Brazilian/Iberian) Gay Male Escorts, most of whom I am advised, would rather be partying or playing with someone of their own age and "aesthetic".

It is no surprise, then, that some London Clients are very discerning when dealing with the local Gay Escort Scene, or choose to look outside of it, either by playing outside of London or calling an Escort from elsewhere.

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