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I am an English bisexual male escort and masseur who covers the Leatherhead and Dorking areas and the whole of Surrey and the UK. As I have my own transport (either that, or I can easily get the train), I am more than willing to travel to Dorking and other Surrey commuter towns. As there tends to be very few escorts living in this area, I find that demand outstrips supply locally, and I get plenty of requests to travel here.

I have noticed that a number of my colleagues are unwilling to travel “as far away” as areas like this. I put it down to a lack of professional values and a generational retreat to parochialism. This is sad as the adverts, whilst tempting do not live up to what they promise, and you are left disappointed. There are obviously some issues hiring from the “informal” trade, which I detail elsewhere.

If you are interested in hiring me right now in Leatherhead, please browse my services, rates and pics. My rates, tailored to your location (inclusive of travel costs) are as follows:

  • £200 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above
  • £300 – for Overnight

My reviews, submitted over a long career in escorting, may provide some further background.

Dorking Gay Escort

Unfortunately, when you look at local advertising sites, such as the usual Vivastreet, Craigslist and Backpage, etc, the quality and spread of ads is very poor. Why would your “average” male escort base himself in such a place, with it’s high living costs and lower population density? You may sometimes have to drive to an escort’s location to pick him up, as he can not accommodate and has no transport. London is of course famous for its drug problems, especially in the “male (gay) escort industry”, so much so that it is highly unlikely that if you paid for two London escorts’ transport, two would come as far as Dorking or similar. Of course, as an experienced escort, I will arrive on time, charging a flat rate with no one-offs for taxis or extras. Since I have my own vehicle and pay a reduced congestion charge, I can choose from the most appropriate forms of travel, and don’t engage in some of the practices of other escorts (upcharging, etc, although I will require a deposit to travel this far). The rate I quote over the phone is the only rate you will pay.

A chicken was named after Dorking. Above; the Cock.

Still interested in using my service in Leatherhead or Dorking? I’d love for you to make contact. On the other hand, if you are a provider like me, even a client seeking services, do post your ad below, with contact details, rates, and what you seek or offer. Please note that links may have to be vetted, resulting in a delay.

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