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Central London Male Escorting

Living and accommodating just a few short stops away on the underground, I am probably available today in Kings Cross/St Pancras to provide bisexual, gay and conventional escort and massage services to most types of customer. The massive demand for masseurs and escorts in the Euston area is met by a variety of providers, however my own service is one of the most professional in the city, particularly in this iconic, high-traffic area. As well as covering the whole of London, my rates also apply to in calls, in a large, frequently serviced house just a few minutes away from Kings Cross St Pancras.

Since this page was only intended to stand out in the search results, it may help you to browse some of my other pages – pics, service and rates. I am a highly reliable escort working from over 10 years experience and 100 plus feedbacks to prove it. I am always adaptable to the exact requirements of the client. I am available throughout the day in Kings Cross for the following set rates:

  • £150 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above
  • £250 – for Overnight

Unsure, or just seeking reassurance? You might be interested in my reviews. I do not ask that customers submit reviews, or induce them to do so!

Kings Cross Top Gay Escort

The level of demand for gay and bisexual male escorts and masseurs in Kings Cross is of course significant, and could come from Euston or even business travelers staying in St Pancras. However, the same can not be said for the supply, which although plentiful, lacks professionalism. When talking to customers, I hear horror stories of drug dives and dirt-infested shared accommodation that contrasts “mysteriously” with the blanket positive reviews you will find published on popular escort directories such as RentMen. Of course, the same customers can’t do with the fall out from reporting their concerns. Unlike any number of UK male escorts, I do not arrive an hour late, unwashed, looking nothing like my photos, only to aggressively plead for previously undeclared drug and transport perks! This allows us to enjoy the less formal aspects of the meeting, and it will always run smoothly.

Camden/Euston gay and Bi Masseurs

If you are staying in one of the many hotels at the end of your journey, I can visit you for drinks and an hour/night of fun

If you would definitely like to meet with me at some point, please do make contact with me, or call to discuss our arrangement. I prefer not to “txt”, and would rather that you have made your mind up when calling me, as this suggests a professional/mature approach as opposed to furtive ping pong of already addressed questions (at which point, I discard a lead and stop responding).

If you are an escort, or a customer looking for something a little different to my service, do post an ad below. Please include contact details, personal description and any rate details that may apply. Links are allowed, but may take a day or two to moderate.

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