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I’m part-time, temporarily

Early October, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma – which means I am facing 4 months of chemotherapy at Chelsea (of which I have completed 3/8), followed by radio. While I lost weight with the disease, I stabilised and boosted energy levels on a high-fiber/vegetable based diet prior to the official diagnosis – which I plan to go back to after the steroid cravings from the chemo. I’m back to 11st and need something to keep me occupied and excercised, as it’s merely a formality of waiting out this treatment for as long as it has been deemed appropriate. The treatment itself can be tiring, although I can’t say that my performance has been impeded by either the cancer, which had thankfully only spread in my neck, or the chemo.

To give myself a break, I’ve let my ads expire, and work maybe 5 times a week maximum to cover my rent. This will change on completion of my treatment – by necessity. Water is dripping in at the back of my property, coming thru the bathroom and compromising some of the downstairs flooring (not used by my customers), and the landlord erroneously thinks it’s coming from a washing machine! It’s an expensive rent, so I’m letting the tenancy expire after the paid-up date of end Mar. My housemate has been offered the opportunity to live rent free in Scotland, so my new accommodation in London is likely to be a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, in a central but affordable area, such as Islington or Stratford – which seem to be cheap in today’s market. There are also options for me to stay in the West – but it would have to be a secure building with on site parking. Visits to the North might focus more on Scotland in the future as I have a few connections there, as well as my current housemate. The family home in Lancaster is being sold, and will probably move somewhere towards the South West, more in line with other family members, so if I am to visit the North West, I will need to think carefully about places to stay, and how long/how frequently it would be realistic for me to do so. It’s a shame having all of these bases I am unable to work in on a frequent basis, but I must be able to focus on getting repeat business in London and the South, so visits are likely to be x2/year for Scotland and x1/year for the North West for the forseeable future. In a hypothetical future where I can actually afford property instead of renting it, my schedule could be endlessly more flexible – although that is a long way down the line…

I’ve created a gold tariff in my rates section. It could be seen as a sensible and conservative measure to take in the present economic climate – to buy some cheap gold to pay for services – or loan it to me as credit. The price is only likely to go up, (I will underpin any fall in price, regardless) and a full-blown recession is likely within the next couple of years as the ailing dollar tops out and comes under scrutiny. Recession usually provides the basis for massive re-valuation of debt-free instruments such as physical gold in the years following, especially in debt-laden, over leveraged economies such as at present.

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