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I won’t be advertising on RentMen again

Owing to bad recent experiences as a customer of RentMen, I will not be renewing my advertising with them come April, when I return to work. There are a number of alternatives which I will utilise, many of them free of charge. I encourage advertisers and their customers to move on from exploitative platforms such as RentMen – indeed, if as a group we were properly organised against these practises, there wouldn’t even be an individual justification for continuing to support RM.

Most current advertisers may not be aware that RM have recently and without explanation, hiked their prices for long-term advertisers from £40 to £80. Not aware – because for some time now, RM have been operating a two-tier structure, whereby new advertisers are charged twice as much for a Gold upgrade as their more established colleagues. Only now have they decided to revoke the benefits of long-term members such as myself. The advert was worth what it offered at £40, but with the number of Platinum ads pushing others off the grid – it’s now essentially pointless using RM if you advertise elsewhere. For anything below a Platinum or Sponsor ad, I’d suggest any sensible advertiser seek out better alternatives.

RM and its various aliases remain an option for lazy part time advertisers who don’t have the time or willpower to look for alternatives and place more than one or two steroidal strength upgrade ads for £300+each. And that lazyness is part of the problem – because the admin are also famously lazy to match. Their lack of willingness to act against patently fake advertisers and fraudulent manipulation of customer feedback, matches the advertisers they protect perfectly. It also shows where their priorities lie. With a reputation for connecting with the less desirable aspects of the gay scene, RM seems to be popular among younger clients who live in a constant state of drug-induced schizophrenia, and various emotionally “needsy” lechers who rarely intend to progress beyond the stalking phase. I’m not the only advertiser to have had these experiences with RM.

It doesn’t take long to work out that RM are in violation of the Dutch code of advertising, and on multiple grounds. Given what happened to their one time competitors, and Backpage, you might think they would be a little more careful in their business practises, given the global influence of American politics. It only takes one weakening blow, such as an investigation by advertising regulators, and then other factors such as money, taxation, “human trafficking” and enablement of unregulated work may start to take over.

Investing time and money in singular advertising models such as RM is never going to work in the long run, as proven by RB and others – indeed, it presents a danger to advertisers – not only from monopolisation practises, but the potential impact of sudden loss of service.


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