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With my own transport and plenty of experience, I am one of the more available Huddersfield gay escorts, despite my location! In fact, with over 8 years experience, I am the obvious choice, especially for new customers or those seeking a professional top throughout West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, Holmfirth and the Holme Valley. My in call accommodation is in the south of England, and I will require out call fees detailed below to travel to you. Since I drive directly to you (especially during a semi-regular tour of the north), out calls in Huddersfield are very realistic, sometimes at short notice if we already know each other. Want to learn more? Check out the navigation menu, linking to pages where I go into further detail about my male escort service covering Huddersfield. Local rates follow:

Gay Escort Tour Dates

  • £150 – based on local convenience – if for example, I had an overnight the night before.
  • £500 – 1 hour.
  • £550 – 2 hours.
  • £600 – 3 hours or typical overnight in Huddersfield homes/hotels.


huddersfield gay escort

Remember, if you are in one of the local Huddersfield chain hotels such as the Premier Inn, I am willing to visit you for a gay escort out call.

Whilst I am sometimes able to respond same day, I also have a few long-term customers in the Huddersfield area who see me over a period of time because I am receptive towards their requests. It is incredibly hard to find an advertiser with good professional values, who stays in the business, especially in a largely rural area such as Huddersfield and the Holme Valley. Since I am often called over 3 hours away from my home location, the journey to Huddersfield is not much for the benefit of hiring a professional male for male escort.

huddersfield male escort

Unfortunately, my customer in Meltham who was letting me use his room for appointments died late in 2016. So customers will have to find their own accommodation.

If there are any local gay male escorts in the Huddersfield area who believe that they can offer a professional service, or good local rates, I encourage them to post an ad below. If you are a local customer with a specific request for a Huddersfield gay escort, please also leave a post below. Whatever your motivation, please try to include details, including rates, style and a contact number.

Interested in my Huddersfield gay escort service? Please feel free to browse over my service, rates and pics before calling me! Whilst happy to discuss details of my service in a properly written email or a phone call, please refrain from short and disjointed texting. It is my priority to meet genuine customers who seek a professional Huddersfield gay escort.

Photo above, R. Harvey