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Guide to UK Gay Escort Sites

Edition 12 May, 17: I am now working as a gay escort in London, and there are more appropriate pages if you are interested in my service and what I look like.

I sometimes get asked where is best to advertise as a gay/male escort inside and outside of London, so here is a list of the directories and social networks I use to attract customers, and a little bit about each one.

Google Search – First look at how your location/area covered fares when combined with the gay, bi and male escort and masseur keywords: i.e. gay escort manchester/manchester gay escorts. Free sites that rank well (on page 1) will do well for you regardless of their reputation and history. Always employ skepticism with any site that asks for a fee, as search position alone is unlikely to be worth the fee. Exercise extreme discretion towards any site mentioning straight male escorting, escorting for attractive “set rates”, social/formal event escorting and black tie events. These are, with very few exceptions, scams – whose intentions are to create the illusion of easy money.

Gay Escort Sites – If you are in the North West or Yorkshire, you should seriously consider taking a 10-day free trial on this site. I paid for a featured ad (this appears on the index page as well as the regional listings). Over time, Manchester Lads has been the most effective advert I have taken out. Manchester Lads is a long-established curated directory and you only stand to benefit from logging in if you update your profile once every month (your profile appears on the new and updated page). I actually prefer not having to log on and “work” for leads that may not even pay out. After an initial spike of enquiries, the ad will attract a steady stream of business. – The cheapest option is a free ad that displays your phone number and full details, so you have nothing to lose by creating an ad. This is a very popular London ad site that fairs well in the search results for other areas – and will only be effective in London with the paying options over £100/month (all-page display ads). Like Manchester Lads, it has faithful customers who use the directory to hire escorts as they move throughout the UK. My own ad was paid at £22/month and allows me to list in one region of the UK and “one city” (in reality, you can appear on the list for your region and up to 3 cities). I have gained customers in areas over three hours from home, and have inquiries coming in from all corners of the country. Update your profile every day to remain on top of the directories for your target area and towns/cities.

Popular Gay Escort Site

Backpage – Escort-friendly general classifieds site that received a boost post-Rentboy closure, but their success in the UK is entirely dependent on search results. Backpage, as it becomes more popular in the UK, is essentially a free site, but auto-reposting ads with multiple locations can be purchased for what I think is good value for money/time saved. Paying for an ad on Backpage has been plagued with problems since US authorities attacked their payment processors. When bank payments are down, Bitcoin is a failsafe method of payment. Update, as of May 2017, the site has undergone an overhaul that looks like killing the commercial section. I strongly advise advertisers not to upgrade on Gaydar, and will advise again when the upgrades are completed. Old information follows… Social Network with shallow base of users. Your ad will lose appeal very quickly if you do not place in London or move its location. Expect to log in and use a browser reloader 24 hours a day to appear in the online listings. Logging off and then immediately logging on, also increases your visibility.

  • On your ad, direct users to your phone/website only as checking back for messages wastes time and encourages pic collectors
  • Use the advanced search features to “track” your target demographic (e.g. age 40+/location) so they can see that you are nearby and looking at their profiles.
  • Forget about logging in to Gaydar chat and posting anything other than hit and run inducements (allowed in the commercial rooms only), as the number of time wasters makes these parts of Gaydar a false economy.
  • A number of users have rather backward tendencies and do not understand that an escort offers his time in exchange for cash.
  • Gaydar is useful only because its potential can not be tapped by an ad on the visible/searchable WWW. Gaydar is a horrible site but an almost essential travel companion.

Gay Escort Website List – A general classified site with a popular escort section. They have recently invested a lot of money in a large advertising campaign on Google, and continue to benefit from enhanced placement in a variety of searches. There are currently two directories on Vivastreet for male escorts – the gay escort section (free with sometimes justifiable upgrades, located in “gay dating”) and the male escorts section (paid, under escorts). The former seems to do better in Google searches, but the latter gains more internal referrals as it is better placed within Vivastreet’s directory structure. Always check Google (disabling personalised search and setting the location as your home town/target area) before you advertise in an area, making sure to attach a central postcode to your ad. As of summer 2016, the number of adverts on this site has declined significantly. It may now be cost effective to pay an inputter to post around 15 free ads per month in various locations, if you are a traveling escort. Even London ads will no longer require payment to get on page 1, but will to get to the top.

Gay Escort and Male Escort Directory

Gay Escort Club – One of the oldest directories, and achieves a good ranking in local searches. Listing is free (paid upgrades available), so there is a reasonable number of ads on the site. Some features of this site are video upload, a detailed preset interview section in the personal profile and the option to advertise barebacking. “Verification”, paid upgrades and frequent logging in will enhance your ad’s position on GEC.

Planet Romeo – Social Network, big in Europe and London. Free profile, but a paid “plus” escort profile is far more visible (I have no direct experience of this). Useful site for intercepting Europeans who are uncreative with their use of Google and prefer to stay within the social fold. Airport and hotel jobs. (currently unavailable to escorts) – Squirt – very popular in the North East, Scotland and throughout the UK, recently removed their escort section, meaning that you will have to explain your services to each individual potential customer. As this does not fit well with my advertising model, I will be concentrating on other adverts. The administration of this site is also untrustworthy, and have been known to publish details – I had my IP address posted up on my profile for a month without my consent. The site functioned as a “sleazier” alternative to Gaydar, with very low levels of condom use. (currently not available after legal proceedings)Very effective international circuit directory that works well in London only. Look out for free trial codes in the Gay Press, but don’t waste your time and money paying for a UK-other ad. To some extent, advertisers now use sites such as RentMen/Men4RentNow, which I have little experience of.

Website for Male Escorts – Ugly and old-fashioned website frequented by female escorts for whom advertising there seems to be a necessity (even for those who advertise as “high class”). This site has a bewildering array of paid upgrade options and customer interactions including webcam, phone/sms chat and pay-per view videos and galleries. I find their credit system, messaging, picture upload and withholding of phone numbers far too hard to justify, and avoid the site entirely. Like Gaydar, AW is a hermitage of captive, shify-eyed punters who rarely leave its confines. It is your job to find them there. Naturally, for a straight escort site, your target audience as a male will be more of the bicurious/married crowd or straight couples if you provide straight services.

GT Escorts/Prowler Escorts (unavailable) – Online arm of the company that publishes GT/Prowler Magazine. I used to get older customers who repeated frequently from the old GT Magazine. However, their new Prowler Magazine format provided me with no phone calls, and may now only be useful for London based escorts. Will probably disappear permanently (both online and in print) due to a lack of adequate scale. There are other mags with names such as QX and Dirty Boyz which can be picked up for free in Gay Saunas and health clubs. These may be worth a try for creative advertisers.

Free Escort Sites and Classified Sites – One traditional escort listing site I have had success with is UK Adult Zone. They have separated their male escort section into a gay and straight division, which allows for a more targeted advertising experience. As with any site this obscure, the choice of ad will depend on what stands out in a Google search – with extra locations bought for £1 each. Always research whether the new UK Adult Zone location ranks well in search results – this may be arduous, involving four searches per location, but is key to maximising coverage! Birchplace, the TV/TS market leader also has male escorts, and an easy to switch location variable. I once tried Craigslist therapeutic services (free) as they are not as strict as Gumtree with their qualification requirements. However, ads regularly get removed and the whole board spammed with porn… a dishonest and time consuming advertising method for the lower end of the market.

Grindr – Phone GPS app that works all over the country. If you only intend to use it to get paid for gay sex, do not expect to keep your profile. It will be banned repeatedly. Set up an ambiguous and non-wordy ad with a face or torso pic and use a pound or dollar bill sign/icon or “looking for work/to earn” to imply that you rent. Forward all replies to your web ad, and include your phone number. Users might be less familiar with escort customs and etiquette.

Grindr tip: Location spoofer and multiple accounts can help you “appear” in a forthcoming travel location without actually being there, saving multiple missed opportunities! You will need to uninstall before logging in to multiple accounts, which means losing all your messages – so a second phone is probably a better option. Or use an android emulator on your desktop.

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