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Anal Douching Products

Whilst around half of my customers seek anal sex as part of the encounter, 95% of them are bottoms – i.e. the receptive partner. A large proportion of these men are total novices to anal.

Of my novice bottoms, around half seek advice relating to douching, enemas, colonic irrigation etc. The other half probably need some advice, but don’t ask for it. If patience and consideration are more visible topping skills, performing through/in spite of unintended “brown” excursions is an art form of the professional top, that very few paying bottoms appreciate. Concealing the unsightly and malodorous accident is another!

I’ll discuss the technicalities of douching/enemas in another article, but in brief: Preparing for good anal hygiene in bottoming is important as it allows the experience to flow from one position to the next. This is not a “natural” act that just “happens” as portrayed in porn movies. A bottom must acknowledge these limitations and prepare appropriately so that the experience can last and be pleasurable for both partners. Practiced correctly, douching will eliminate the need for the top to rinse off or replace condoms between positions, and lessen accidents and bad odors, which can be a turn-off.

Selecting the right product:

You will probably want to avoid the unwieldy, gravity-fed bags used to give a precisely controlled medical enema, but still retain some control over the volume of water dispensed into your rectum. There are a number of products in circulation that are inadequate for this purpose, or unsuitable for other reasons. Below are three examples:

Enema Kit

Left of shower shot: Vulcanite douche bulb. Often sold for £10-15 as a whirling spray douche with an optional vaginal attachment, the bulb is composed of rubber with a removable plastic nozzle. Whilst the dimensions and functionality of this type of bulb are ideal, it is unsuitable for a number of reasons. The rubber surface attracts dirt and can not be properly cleaned – especially on the inside, due to the tiny aperture. A more recent version of the whirling spray bulb is shockingly unhygienic – now composed of what appears to be polymer, the nozzle is not even detachable – not fit for anal use.

Right of shower shot: Modern Chinese douche bulb often sold as a bigger or flexible/stretch douche. Do not be fooled by the £10-15 price tag and high Ebay feedback scores for the vendors. These cheaply composed bulbs are flimsy, unsafe and not fit for anal use. Whilst the interior is shiny and undoubtedly easier to clean than the vulcanite bulb, the thread around the detachable nozzle leaks water when subjected to levels of pressure required for anal cleansing. Perhaps worse, these cheap Chinese imitators are manufactured to appallingly low standards, with a sharp seam evident along both sides of the nozzle. When I tested one of these, I was left bleeding from the anus.

Center: A basic plastic shower shot. Essentially an adaptor that screws onto the end of a shower hose, stainless versions are also available with diverter valves. Unfortunately, it is very hard to control the force, temperature and volume of water with this type of attachment, and so, I do not recommend it. Overfilling with a shower shot enema can lead to dilution of trapped faecal matter, which may decide to make for the exit after further “agitation”. As a top, I have been witness to more accidents among users of the shower shot type douche than the more controllable bulb douches. Plus if you rely solely on this item as part of your travel kit, and check into a hotel with a modern fixed shower head, good luck with the acrobatics. One product that overcomes some of the problems inherent to this system is the “Streem Master Douche System” – a brand that also produces a good quality, screw-fitting bulb douche.

Consider branding and the reputation of your vendor when selecting a product. Whilst Ebay sellers are willing to pass anything off as an anal-compatible product, gay-owned or gay-oriented vendors may be more scrupulous, and with good reason. The best products may not be the products with the best or most frequent reviews – and in this marketplace, it is most likely they will not be reviewed.

Below is an example of one such product – the FIST flexible douche from and other vendors (no ownership or staff affiliation). With branding in its favour, this is very much an enhanced version of the Chinese product – for a few pounds more!

Douche Bulb

The inside surface of this bulb is smooth and easy to clean, and the screw-fitting flexible nozzle is absolutely seamless, pain-free and does not leak at the joint.


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  1. shawn 17th January 2016

    Hi. So when you use the douche do you fill with warm soapy water?
    Does your system get flushed straight away? Do you you have to do several attempts?

    How long should some one not eat before a meet.

    Do the male enhancing pills work such as golden root.

  2. admin 17th January 2016 — Post author

    I’m going to write a post soon about technique but you most certainly don’t use soap. Not eating is an option, and I wouldn’t take that option because its unnecessary with the right preparation. I have no experience of Maca Root or similar products because I prefer to use pharmaceuticals when required. Sildenafil is the most common pharmaceutical.

  3. miss hot cunt 2nd February 2016

    he best anal douche is a forcded spunk enema by big pervy cocks

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