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I am available as an Edinburgh gay/bi escort, to visit for an hour or a night of fun any time, assuming I am compensated for my security. Covering Edinburgh, the Lothians and surrounding towns such as Livingston and Dunfermline for similar rates, I have a number of customers in this area who receive alerts whenever I am nearby, or call me out especially. Most of these customers met me while I was touring frequently in Scotland, something I no longer do. When I am called to Edinburgh for “one-off” visits from the south, rates will be as follows:

  • £150 – based on local convenience – if for example, I had an overnight the night before.
  • £600 – 1 hour plus £50 per hour OR plus £100 for the night if we are both comfortable. The deposit is 33% of the planned service fee, or £350 for an overnight.


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The above assumes that I am catching the train from home, and do not incur parking costs (the chances of me driving six hours are virtually nil!). If I were by chance already in Edinburgh – hourly rates of £150 and £50 to add, are what you should expect to pay, but for this to become a reality, a day trip to London or the South might be more realistic. Please do let me know if you wish to be alerted if I do turn up in the area… since for the time that I spend in the area, at least, I will undoubtedly be the most experienced and skilled of Edinburgh gay or bisexual escorts!

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There is an obvious lack of reputable advertisers in Scotland when compared to over-competed areas such as Manchester and London, but this is really nothing unusual for an average sized city, and travel to a major center or distance hiring is suggested for those who wish to avail themselves of a good quality service. As my availability may be limited, I have allowed local escorts and customers to post free ads in the comments below. You may also post an ad if you cover areas such as Dunfermline and Musselburgh – please wait for any links to be published – they must pass the moderation.