This is a very limited list of escorts I have worked with. For an exhaustive list of other providers, give me a call.

This is a (generally London-based) service where you hire two or more escorts – not something for small budgets *or* customers who, while “only having the cash” are as yet unknown to me and untrusted! Be it for watching or a three-way/group fun, it’s always best to hire two or more escorts who are physically attracted to each other, take a relaxed approach – let them get down to business, and join when appropriate. On the face of it, this sounds greedy, but years of experience tell me that other escorts tend to get turned off by persistently volatile and demanding customers in three-ways, and it then becomes something of a chore. I even see some customers who are wholly into watching the action either with or without their own partner, and have started many a working relationship with other escorts after meeting in this way.

Fantasy “interracial” duo

There is a large demand for “interracial” partnerships in escorting, because “interracial” relations are a common formative fantasy. In duos with black male escorts, I will typically share you, your partner/grindr fuck or a locally hired submissive escort as the bottom, for this reason. I will sometimes be versatile. I am currently also seeking a reliable, toned or muscular black bottom escort for requested duo work.

Surcharge for this service is usually above £200 for an athletic and hung black top male – either over 6ft tall or over 9 real inches, with only a sprinkling of genuine tops fitting such a description available throughout the UK. Due to being asked to fact-find so many times, I have just as good a grounding in fake tops who do not fit the criteria – mainly drug-taking fitness/modelling crossover type escorts.

  • Above: London-based duo. Fit, late 30s male, 6ft2 tall, patient temperament, active, reciprocal in all areas, but specialises in domination. Size, over 8″, with a huge girth around 7″. Surcharge £200 and upward.

When looking for an “interracial” duo partner, I have gone primarily with height and athletic physique, as these are the characteristics most commonly requested. Girth is also an important feature, and all the guys mentioned in this section will be a size-step (up) from me in terms of girth. This way, you can enjoy the service in such a way that the female (or bottom) will be receiving incrementally more girth as we change over, whether or not it ends with fisting or dildoing of the female or bottom.

  • Above: Manchester-based duo. Mid 20s, 6ft3, muscular-athletic-sporty. Dominant, non-kisser-sucker, talkative, supremely confident naked with other men. His size is over 8″ with an amazing girth of around 7″ – you will see why I threw £150 of prospect money on him, and you will want to worship him with (both) hands and mouth. If required outside of London, I will surcharge. His rate for a few hours in London was around £500+ last time I asked, thus for me to travel may be cheaper.

Male-female duo:

I do know one or two female escorts in the London area. It is recommended that you contact your own, however, I can sometimes arrange a petite and attractive 30+ european escort, and she is above the usual games played by agency female escorts in London – including some of the British. Surcharge starts typically from £100-150.

London-based duo:

Surcharge of £150-200. When traveling to or based in the city, local escorts offer the best value for money if – like me, you know who is up to standard. This is despite the daunting choice and well documented presence of duplicitous advertisers. I have met quite a few colleagues both locally, and those who have moved to the area. Please note, listed below are just a small sample. See reviews for a more exhaustive system – I will happily provide more information for a paid consultation.

  • Above: Essex and London based duo – mid 20s escort with plenty of experience, 5ft9 with at least 8″ length and 5″ girth. We have worked together on a few occasions, and he is able to top and bottom.

Outside London duo:

Surcharge starts typically from £100-150 plus my own surcharge for travel. Huge list of providers from my past working areas.

TS duo:

I have met various pre-operative TS through work in the West London area. I have a few models available, and prefer to offer the more feminine/passable end of the pre-op TS spectrum over the TV offer unless this is desired as fetish. Surcharge starts typically from £150-200-250.

  • Above: W London based duo – late 20s TS escort, 5ft9 w 9″ length and 4 1/2″ girth. Curvaceous/passable, versatile.