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Based only a short train or bus ride away (with access to my own car), I am a bisexual male escort and masseur covering Chelsea, Fulham and West Brompton. There is very high demand for masseurs and escorts in the Chelsea and West London area, from both gay/bi males and conventional couples seeking massages or more niche experiences. As well as out calls all over the city, my standard rates cover in calls at my large, well-maintained city center apartment within Zone 1.

Since this page was only intended to stand out in the search results, it may help you to browse some of my other pages – pics, service and rates. I am a highly reputable escort working from over 10 years experience and I have 100 plus feedbacks to prove it! I am always adaptable to the exact requirements of the client, and available throughout the day in Fulham and Chelsea for the following set rates:

  • £150 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above
  • £250 – for Overnight

Seeking a second opinion, or just unsure? Take a look at my reviews – they may be helpful if you are needing some reassurance. I do not solicit reviews – they are submitted wilfully to third party websites.

As already established, the call for male escorts and masseurs in Fulham and Chelsea is as high as it ever has been, whether from Fulham Broadway or hotels around Imperial Wharf. With a number of escorts living in the area, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the local market was competitive and highly professional. In reality, my own customers’ recall of other escorts in this area is starkly different to the fabricated, solicited positive reviews you will read online. Often, the accommodation is dreadful – shared houses or low-rent digs. I find it unsurprising that customers can’t do with the hassle of reporting their grievances publicly. There should be no doubt, however – I always arrive freshly showered, sober and on time, and charge a flat rate with no surprise extras – i.e. drug perks. The arrangement is carried out professionally, allowing us to focus on the less formal elements of the meeting!

Fulham Gay Escort

If you would definitely like to meet with me at some point, please do make contact with me, or call to discuss our arrangement. I prefer not to “txt”, and would rather that you have made your mind up when calling me, as this suggests a professional/mature approach as opposed to furtive ping pong of already addressed questions (at which point, I discard your contact and stop responding).

If you are an escort, or a customer looking for something a little different to my service, do post an ad below. Please include contact details, personal description and any rate details that may apply. Links are allowed, but may take a day or two to moderate and publish.

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