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Based only an hour away by train, I can visit Brighton, East Sussex, or accommodate for those who are willing to travel. Distance hires start at £250 for 1 hour and £300 for 2.

I’m a professional bi masseur and escort who works with single and couple customers. With over 10 years experience, I am able to cater for some unusual requests, whilst avoiding the drug scene. I do not accommodate in Brighton unless paid to do so, however, I do have own transport and access to an in call location in Central London, around 1 hour + away. Since I drive, I am also able to cover neighbouring areas such as Lancing, Lewes, Shoreham, Falmer, Portslade and Southwick without surcharge if assigned a late-night time slot when I am happy to do so:

  • £250 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above

I welcome prospective customers to browse through my reviews, which contain a lot of useful information about my history and reputation, or otherwise take a look at my service, rates and pics. Since regular arrangements and distance travel are frequent themes in my work, I prefer mature customers, or those with an otherwise more professional and less impulsive mindset. I am able to match this with my own levels of application and professionalism, which helps us enjoy the “less formal” aspects of our meeting without the conflict, hassle and uncertainty frequently associated with traveling intra-urban male sex workers (particlularly those who may be harboring substance abuse issues).

Brighton Gay Escort

As you should already know, I am not located in Brighton itself, yet I still work frequently in the area. There are some local advertisers here, but the quality tends to be rather poor, with a number of legitimate mature masseurs supplemented by what can be described as younger “informal” student workers or “rent boys” – generally less reputable. The effective lack of supply is confirmed by seraches on sites like Craigslist, Sleepyboy and Vivastreet. Customers seeking a professional service and confidentiality may feel short changed by what is on offer, especially when they turn up at a drug den, and it subsequently transpires that the sex worker they chose to do business with has 100 friends on the gay scene, all of whom he is chatting to through facebook on a daily basis. Taxi fares and the aforementioned drug demands are other problems associated with the Brighton scene. Unlike some other London escorts who advertise travel to your area, I do not engage in upcharging – the rates you see are full service and time-costed.

Brighton Gay Masseur

Brighton Seafront (Bojan Lazarevic)

If you are encouraged by my site, please do contact me, and we can arrange something to fit your budget on either time-cost basis (I visit you, or you visit me). Or if neither is realistic, maybe I can keep your number and inform you when I am on the South Coast and available. I also welcome any local Brighton gay male escorts and customers to post their own adverts below. You must include key details such as rates, offer/seeking, contacts and preferably links (which will be moderated in time).