Black Gay and Bi Male Escorts

This page lists my recommended UKGE Black/Ebony Gay and Bisexual Male Escorts such as Mark, who covers the whole UK and further down, black movies.

The Black Gay Sex Fantasy

One major sex fantasy among white gays is interracial man-on-man action, and Black Male Escorts are frequently searched for as a result. Look through most tube video sites, and you will come across many references to "thugs" going gay. In this porn binary, the caucasian model is nearly always the submissive, and the black model is often portrayed as massively well-endowed and stereotypically aggressive. The result is porn movies with much heavy fucking of "white-boy-ass" by non-gay gangster-thug black models. This may be predictable and boring to some, and offensive to others, but it is a huge racial domination fetish for a large number of white gays. The black male form and Black Masculinity are highly sought after and worshiped, hence the popularity of Black Male Escorts. These advertisers are in short supply - it can be very hard to find such an escort in the UK, London, Manchester, Newcastle or Birmingham. This could be due to the general unwillingness of men from an Afro-Caribbean or African background to identify as having any sexual relations with men. Plenty of Afro-Caribbean families, for example, have very strong religious views on homosexuality, so discretion is essential for nearly all Black Male Escorts.

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Motivations of men who hire Black Gay/Bi Escorts

There are rent queens throughout white majority nations such as the UK and US who devote a lot of their time to sampling the delights and unique taste of black cock. Many of them are faeries or fems with longstanding domination fantasies, but some of them are discreetly bisexual white and Asian gents who get a kick out of paying for an over-sized black penis to look at/palpate with their lips. Another major client base is straight white gents who want to see their wives getting drilled by a muscled, hung Black Male Escort stud.

The Porn Industry has coined a number of un-PC themes and terms for the Big Black Cock fetish (BBC), that you may have become familiar with if you watch videos of black gangsters "tag-teaming" white bottoms.


Black and Darker Skinned Models on Blake Mason

These models are not Escorts and I can not send you their phone numbers. Listed for your convenience, find them in the site search: Tyson Tyler, Henry Samson, Greg, Rio, Billy R, Damien, Fraiser, Bobby, Drew, Steve.