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Located just an hour (or less) away by train, I can serve Bedford and Kempston at relatively short notice, same-day if required. Nearby towns and villages are also accessible, especially in the late evenings when I am willing to drive. I have plenty of experience (10 years, 100+ reviews) with both males and couples, meaning that the expenditure on travel is likely to be worthwhile, especially given the complete absence of male escorts in Bedford. Whether visiting by car or train, I will always charge the following rates for Bedford:

    • £200 – 1 hour
    • Add £50 per hour to the above

If you are unable to accommodate locally, I am also able to hire a bedroom near Cambridge for those who require it (see prices on the relevant page).

Of course, if you have tried to hire one of my colleagues from London, you will have been disappointed. Most of them are too young to understand public transport, just unwilling or too naive to secure their expenses with a bank deposit. Bedford, at just under an hour away, is apparently too far to travel regardless of the minimal time required.

This informal trade brings with it many issues which I detail elsewhere, whilst those who attempt to pass themselves off as “professionals” are often struggling models, personal trainers and students who truly despise those who they deal with in their part time escorting.

Please browse my services, rates and pics.

My reviews, will also help you decide for or against a meeting.

I am not short of work in this area, as there does seem to be high demand from the mature male segment of the population. Low supply is one of the reasons – combined with the risk that many who do turn up on the usual advertising channels may as well be extortion artists or hardcore drug abusers with no true professional application (else, they would surely have moved to London or another major city to ply their trade). Few can travel (a basic grasp of public transport systems escapes many male sex workers), even less can accommodate (most are in shared accommodation, having never paid a bill in their lives!), and really, would you ever consider hiring from Luton, the undisputed “crime capital” of Bedfordshire? As well as being professional in the more basic aspects (punctuality), I also charge exactly the rate I advertise, without pleading for emergency taxi fares and drug money that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Bridge and Promenade painted 1900/1910

If you are encouraged by my site, please do contact me, and we can arrange something to fit your budget on either time-cost basis (I visit you, or you visit me). Or if neither is suitable, maybe I can keep your number and inform you when I am in the area and available. I also welcome any local Bedfordshire gay male escorts and customers to post their own adverts below. You must include key details such as rates, offer/seeking, contacts and preferably links (which will be moderated in time).


  1. Anonymous 8th December 2018

    ur worth every bit of the 200 plus per hour

  2. admin 9th December 2018 — Post author

    I’ve been getting messages from a ladyfolk connected to a recruitment agency in Bedford. I’ve been sure to edit the messages – they display psychological issues that I cannot offer any solution to.

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