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Basingstoke Male Masseurs

Based not far away, but not too close either, I get plenty of calls from the Basingstoke area to provide gay and bi male escort and masseur services to local customers. Perhaps this has something to do with the sparsity of local service providers? As a fully professional male escort and masseur with over 10 years experience and over 100 testimonies, I often travel far longer distances on out calls. I can also accommodate in either Oxford or Central London if you are able to travel. As a driver I can choose the fastest and most reliable/cost effective mode of transport on the day, usually opting to travel by train to areas such as Basingstoke during the day, and elsewhere in Hampshire. My rates for the area (including travel) are as follows:

  • £250 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above
  • £350 – for overnight
  • Add £50 for outlying areas and villages during the day when I can’t drive, or £70 for extra travel and accommodation in Oxford

You might at this point like to browse my reviews, which contain useful information from the perspective of my customers. Or you could take a look at my service, pics and rates. My preferred type of customer is a mature male (or couple) who has a less impulsive mindset, and is thus capable of making long-distance, regular appointments with the minimum of fuss. This shift in attitude from the last minute “now” type of impulse (usually coupled with a reliance on narcissistic means of gaining pleasure), towards actual engagement with the other person is something I have come to appreciate. Of course, male escorts are well known for encouraging the former type of customer, with their unprofessional attitudes and drug games. It’s not exactly the kind of ethos that would encourage you to hire somebody over a long distance, is it?

Basingstoke Gay Escort

Whilst Basingstoke is not my home area, I am not short of work there; indeed, more discerning customers are familiar with the concept of distance hiring and it’s benefits.The reason I get so much demand in this area seems to be the very low supply of competition and the poor quality, consisting mainly of non-escorts (masseurs) and informal workers who may as well be extortion artists or hardcore drug abusers for all you know. Few can travel (a basic grasp of public transport systems escapes many male sex workers) and even less can accommodate (most are in shared accommodation, having never paid a bill in their lives!). As well as being professional in the more basic aspects (punctuality), I also charge exactly the rate I advertise, without pleading for emergency taxi fares and drug money that suddenly appeared out of nowhere “because because”! Would you even trust most London Escorts to arrive in Basingstoke if you paid them a deposit? I wouldn’t.

Basingstoke Male Escorts

Basingstoke at night (Simon Green)

I welcome any potential client who may be interested to contact me, or call. Sometimes we might be able to arrange distance travel, or an in call if you can travel. I may even be able to let you know when I am already in Basingstoke, and see you for an hour at my most basic rates. I also welcome any male sex workers or masseurs to post their adverts below with rates, descriptions and contact details. Customers can also post requests if they so wish, however any links will be moderated.