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Putney Male Masseurs

Living and accommodating a mere 10 minutes away, I am probably available today in Barnes and Putney to provide bisexual, gay and conventional male escort and massage services to most types of customer. The considerable demand for masseurs and escorts in the Barnes and Putney areas is met by a variety of providers, however my own service is among the most reputable in the city. I serve the whole of London, and my rates also apply to in calls at my own accommodation not far north of Hammersmith.

While this page was just designed to catch your attention, you may find it useful to view some of my core pages – service, pics and rates. With 10 years experience, over 100 customer reviews, I am a reliable escort who is flexible to the logistical and personal/emotional needs of his customer. As a driver, I am available as a male escort at any time of day in Putney or Barnes for these standardised rates:

  • £150 – 1 hour
  • Add £50 per hour to the above
  • £250 – for Overnight

Unsure, or just seeking reassurance? You might be interested in my reviews. I do not ask that customers submit reviews, or induce them to write them by offering discounts etc.

Putney male escorts

As already established, the call for male escorts and masseurs in Barnes is as high as it ever has been, whether from locals in large private residences or some of Putney’s more budget hotels. There are surprisingly few male escorts living locally, and the market is not very competitive and highly professionalised, with some of the gay escorts in the West End amazingly refusing to work anywhere in “South London”. My own customers’ recall of other escorts in this area is starkly different to the fabricated, solicited positive reviews you will read online, but it’s unsurprising that they can’t face the hassle of reporting their grievances publicly. There should be no doubt, however – I always arrive freshly showered, sober and on time, and charge a flat rate with no surprise extras – i.e. drug perks. The arrangement is carried out professionally, allowing us to focus on the less formal elements of the meeting!

Barnes male escort

Typical housing in the tree-lined residential roads of Barnes (Patche99z)

Still interested in hiring me in Putney or Barnes for male escort services? It would be great if you could call or make contact. If you are instead an escort, maybe even a client, do post an advert below. Please include contact details, rates and what you seek or offer. Links may have to be vetted, resulting in a delay, but are nevertheless welcome.