Arab Gay Male Escorts in the UK: London, with Dubai Resources

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As well as Dubai Gay Escorts, with the influx of Arabian and Muslim Men from Islamic States in the Middle East, the UK, London, Birmingham and Manchester have known no greater demand for Arab Gay Escorts! Whether servicing middle eastern men for discreet massages or full-on gay/bi fun, Arab Men are famed for their masculinity, good looks and large endowments. See below for my list of resources.

For a list of Black or Darker Skinned Porn Actors and their scenes, see my Black Page.

You could say that an Arab Man or Boy hails from Egypt, Morocco or Sudan. Often, on his migration to Europe, an Arab, Algerian or Iraqi Male is given his first opportunity to express himself as a Gay or Bisexual man. An older Arabic, Syrian or Tunisian Male may seek an Arab Gay Escort, or a Younger Arabic Male may himself become an Arab Rentboy for older Arabs or curious white straight guys looking for a hung North African or Middle Eastern stud.

With all this talk of Arab, Saudi Arabian and Yemeni Escorts in London, Manchester and Britain, why not just go ahead and book yourself a soft-skinned, hairy young Habbibi for the evening? An experience you surely will not regret!

Why do I list Arabian Gay Escort Resources free of charge?

By listing male Escort resources on my website, I am giving away competitive edge. Therefore, as an option, I will suggest that you make a £15-20 donation if one of my tips is successful. This can be done by PayPal/BACS/Bank Deposit (contact) and will help pay for my site. By following links on this directory, you confirm that you are above the age of 18.

Arab Gay Escort Resources for LONDON, BIRMINGHAM and MANCHESTER, UK

  • Hammada (pictured) - 30 year old, versatile London based Arab Male with a beefy build, offering a range of Escort services from £80 - 07535728869, mentioning UK Gay Escort.

There are no other decent resources for Arabian Gay Escorts in London and the UK, because there are very few such services available. If you provide these services and would like to place a link on this page for free, please let me know!

Arab Gay Escort Resources for DUBAI

Apart from the usual directory listings for Gay Escorts in Dubai (many fakes, watch out!), and other cities, it is extremely hard to find an Arab Gay Escort. This is undoubtedly for cultural reasons. If in need of a Gay Escort in Dubai:

  • Rentboy - Select UAE > Dubai. Not many UAE users are aware of this website because of Google's indexing.
  • This paid directory also lists some active and inactive advertisers.

Be aware that you may not always get a discount, as these Escorts are often touring in Dubai and aiming for extortionate rates.