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Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of searches for Arab and Middle Eastern Gay/Bi Escorts. At the same time, there has been very little supply in this niche, so independent Arab Male Escorts typically do very well throughout Europe and the Commonwealth. The lack of supply is thought to have something to do with the lowly position of homosexuality in Islamic cultures.

An Arab Gay Escort could hail from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Morocco or Sudan. Other countries are Algeria, Iraq, Syria and Tunisia. Some gay escorts from central and southern Asian countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh have used Arab as a keyphrase in their advertising to skirt around sometimes inaccurate perceptions about Asian males, including size of endowment.

Supply of Arab Gay Escorts has lagged behind general population demographics, so I have allowed Arab Gay Escorts and customers seeking them to post messages in the comment section below, free of charge.

Arab Gay Escort Manchester

Seen and rated highly by a few of my customers, call Alex on 07514 006856 if you are based in the North West of England, or in regular tour locations such as Scotland or Ireland.

Hiring Gay Escorts in Dubai

Hiring a Gay Escort in any of the countries mentioned above, is riddled with difficulty and possible dangers. While it is most likely that rent boys are available on street scenes, through bars, etc, a degree of local knowledge may be required in these instances, otherwise seeking or providing services could land you in trouble with the law.

Gay Escorts Dubai

There is, however, a considerable population of advertising Gay Male Escorts (“masseurs”) in Dubai – UAE – and very high demand/average fees in local hotels. Most of these Escorts are not locals, and very few are Arabs/Emeratis. Aussie Male Escort is one such advertiser who makes semi-regular trips to Dubai.

Fake Arab Customers!

The tendency of rich Arab customers to splash out on male and female escorts whilst visiting more lenient cultures has had some indirect, negative effects on the escort industry. It is now widely understood among escorts that confidence tricksters often use the ruse of a rich Arab lavishing his wealth to entrap their victims. Numerous examples can be seen on sex worker alert forums. Always exercise good judgement when approached by customers promising amounts well in excess of your advertised rate.

Arab Gay Escort or seeking? Post your ad below.

Please include details of your service (offered or sought) and a contact detail.

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