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Although no longer local, I travel on demand for gay/bi escort out calls in Altrincham and accommodate conveniently in Manchester when required. This, in combination with my experience and professionalism makes me an obvious choice for customers seeking an Altrincham gay escort. I’m also available in nearby towns such as Timperley, Hale and Bowdon. You may indeed be uncomfortable with the idea of being seen using a local Altrincham gay escort, or a worker from Central Manchester who may be disoriented by drugs as many of them are. Everything is costed, whether I am driving or getting the train, so no unexpected costs. Whilst I explain the exact details of my service on other pages (see navigation), the following rates apply specifically to the Altrincham area, and include no surcharge on my in call rates:

Gay Escort Tour Dates

  • £150 – 1 hour based on occasional/convenient location (e.g. following an overnight the previous day)
  • £350 – 1 hour.
  • £400 – 2 hours.
  • £450 – 3 hours or typical overnight in Altrincham and Hale homes/hotels.


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I also visit hotels in the Altrincham area, so if you are interested in having fun with me, give me a call some time after you reserve your room.

I have a number of customers in the Altrincham area whom I see regularly over a longer period of time, but my new location now makes it harder to visit unless notice can be given. I tend to have a number of regular customers instead of being the type of male escort who sees a customer for half an hour, then sees five more who never return. From what knowledge I have of the Altrincham and Hale area, your chances of finding a regular and reliable Altrincham male escort with accommodation in the town center are minimal, if not, nonexistent. I am regularly called four hours or more from London to provide my services – usually for customers who have read my advert and my reviews at length.

Whilst I have full availability in the local area, I will allow comments that advertise Altrincham gay escorts to appear below. Customers who seek an Altrincham or Hale gay escort may also post a request. Please leave your contact details if possible, and if an escort, describe your style and your request in full, linking to any relevant advertising material.

Customers who are interested in my Altrincham gay/bi male escort services should have a look at my service, rates and pics before calling me. I will be happy to go into further detail in a phone call, but please wait for an appropriate time to do this and avoid piecemeal SMS ping pong. Thank you.