During the course of my work, I get asked to fulfill various scenarios that roughly converge on aggressive topping and may involve some kind of basic role-play.

Most commonly, a customer – probably an experienced bottom will ask to be treated as if I were fucking for pleasure – for example, how I would probably behave towards a non-paying bottom I found on Grindr or a “dating” site. Whilst most of my A work involves “considerate” topping, I will show much less consideration towards customers who have specifically requested a rough and abusive fucking. For some, this includes beatings, continuing past the point where the customer begins to feel discomfort and prohibiting the customer from touching themselves – behaviours generally associated with greedy and possessive tops. It may, upon on my improvisation – also include tricks such as withholding an inch or more and then using my full functional length when the bottom least expects it. It is often the desire of a bottom to hear the slapping of my thighs or balls against his. Even if he is not really being fucked almost as deep/forcefully as I am capable of, this may help convince him otherwise.

Aggressive Top

I also get requests from alleged “virgin bottoms” to be raped or given a painfully rough fucking. I consider these to be time wasting and masturbation fantasies as opposed to genuine requests for an escort service. This (especially when they say they are underage) is usually a flag for me to drop a lead, so please try not to make this impression. I am generally rude, unkind and sometimes even vengeful towards callers who attempt to encroach on my time for their own ends – far more so than I am ever in person – even by request.

One very common request is for me to enter the customers property whilst he is blindfolded (sometimes tethered) on his bed ready to receive me. This obviously involves a degree of trust, as the cash will be in plain sight. The level of force used on, and preparation (if any) of the bottom, is under my total control from the point at which I enter the room. If the customer wishes to further depersonalise this experience by using text or email as the sole method of communication, he will have already paid a small amount into my bank account to prove that his request is for real.

I have never encountered a female customer who sought this kind of scenario, although I am fully aware that this is a common female sex fantasy.

There are a few areas which I do consider off limits, not because I am morally opposed to them, but because they are outside of my capabilities. These are verbal aggravation, which never features in any of my services, and “full rape role-play” in which I have to “physically overpower” my customer and then penetrate him. I do not find outright rape sexually arousing, at least from the POV of a top, and would not submit to such a scenario as a bottom as I am not one for pain, and prefer to be in control.