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£30 Low-risk rebate, plus any Photographers?

I thought I would introduce a special offer for the London market, so naturally, it is aimed at avoiding the rather considerable amount of chlamydia evidently being passing around, and increasing my uptime as a result. If you have read my previous posts, you may have noticed that I do not believe in the necessity of rough or intensive oral; not only is it uncomfortable for most larger males, but this type of “porno-aggression” is generally the means of transmission for Chlamydia if protection is otherwise used. Whilst obviously, I don’t ask any questions about my customers’ GU-health (what would be the point?) I am willing to rebate some of your costs in some cases, based on behaviour. Here are the conditions:

  • You mention that you saw the offer when you contact me, and upon meeting.
  • You pay me in full at the start of the appointment.
  • You do not perform deep, forceful or abrasive oral on me, or require me to do the same to you, and thus attain the £30 rebate.

I now have a 3-site VD swab every two weeks on a Wednesday (results by Thurdsay), for those of you who require these kind of assurances.

My photos will need updating soon, not only because of the age of my present material (a minimum of 9 months), but because I am doing some moderate work on my upper body so that I can attain a more toned/slim physique that is sustainable but compatible with expectations within the local market. Any photographers who can present a decent portfolio and are not (blatantly or confoundingly) into voyeurism are welcome to get in touch. It may be worth noting that I do not pay – but it will be agreed that you have an unlimited right to reproduce your work, as will I.

A date for the North of England has been set for early July. I am willing to confirm appointments with regulars or prepayments – please do not bother me if you are new and can’t get down to London or prepay.

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