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1 month in London – how I will work in the following 11

I’ve spent around a month in London, and have willingly made a loss, giving myself a break from escorting.

Over the next 11 months or so, I will advertise more widely and move towards a more sustainable part time work basis. I’m looking at Vivastreet,, Backpage and possibly Romeo and some magazine, as my paid ads. I was looking at Gaydar until they botched an update to their site days before I was due to pay for 3 months upfront. Now it is practically impossible to find an escort on the already waning social network acquired by a corporate car parking company in 2013. My ads will target the valued end of my present custom – i.e. mature, preferably single, drug-free males with a professional background, who live permanently in the areas I cover.

I’ve been making myself familiar with the London Scene. I now have a membership at a local “gentleman’s health club” 😉 and I am offering free surgeries with any prospective customer who wishes to meet me there. The whole city seems to be obsessed with “chemsex”, so much so that the two concepts therein, would appear to be indivisible. If you are not “HnH” (high and horny) on Grindr, there is something seriously wrong with you, or you are at the very least, narrow minded – apparently for having no inhibitions that you have to blot out. I personally think that “chemsex” as a “novelty”, is a manufactured social problem – mainly referred to by heavily invested gay public health officials and the cheap shot online press. I wonder what Michel Foucault would have made of this “phenomenon” if he were alive at 91, having not died of AIDS!

The escorts in London are really unprofessional by the way. Far more unprofessional than I had expected – so it’s not going to be that hard for me. I’ve started some upper body work to fit into the market, but nothing extreme, and will update my photo galleries accordingly.

Some of the pages for the North of England still list my old travel rates. Please ignore them for now.

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  1. Greg 10th May 2017

    Beautifully writen and informative as always dan, interested in your new journey as alwaysI miss you living in Manchester and miss are teas…. keep up the good work …..Greg

  2. David 23rd May 2017

    Well said! – anyone who has met this guy knows just what a (consistently) excellent service he provides. As a Mancunian, I don’t tolerate escorts who have no interest in their clients. This guy, in the 8 years I have known him, has never been anything but first class.

    London finally has a top class escort, worthy of the title.

  3. admin 24th May 2017 — Post author

    Thank you, Greg, David. I decided not to pay for Romeo and instead joined RentMen and Masseurfinder. I’m churning out a lot of landing pages on this site and free ads on Vivastreet to cover the surrounding postcodes, which seem to be getting me a few calls. It is quiet though, and the market is so diluted I will be needing some new photographs with perhaps a more toned appearence. I can imagine being quite busy after 4-6 months although I may have decided to move somewhere else by then.

    There are some aspects of the market here which are more prevalent, and which I am trying to avoid to a greater degree. So coupled with being new, it is making it more of a challenge.

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